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I turned 51 on July 13, 2012. It seems like just a blink of an eye since July 13, 2011 when I turned 50. Turning 50 was a big thing for me, and it was a big day as well. I threw a big reunion concert, party and CD Release event at Hemingways in Marietta, Georgia to commemorate the event. I was blessed with an enormous turn out of friends old and new. Family, friends and fans came out of the woodwork from far and near in order to wish me well and enjoy my CD release party at Hemingways. I was not expecting the response I received last year, and I am happy to say that my sentiments this year reflects the same.

Just in case you think you missed another crazy Jeff Pike party, do not worry. I did not throw a big party this year, nor did I release a new CD. I figured after last year that I would just let 51 casually roll by. It did not casually roll by, but neither was it the huge extravaganza of Birthdays gone past. Was there still drama and craziness? Yep…There has always been at least a little drama and craziness surrounding my natal festivities, so why should this year be any different? Be that as it may, It was an amazing week both personally and professionally. The highlight was a small private dinner party that most of my family and loved ones gave me to help me celebrate turning 51. I learned a lot and felt even more changes occurring in my heart and life during those few short hours. I almost cannot explain it. It was a brief yet very important experience in my life which I will always cherish and keep close to my heart.

I sit here today and look where I was just a little over two short years ago. I was at one of the lowest points of my life when I finally chose to enter a local Celebrate Recovery program in Dacula, Georgia. Seriously, for the first time I chose to turn my entire life over to God, and let him heal me and guide my way. Both physically and emotionally, the experience has been more difficult, confusing, scary and bumpy than anyone who has not been through similar circumstances can imagine. But I sit here today surrounded by unprecedented and amazing personal, physical, spiritual and professional blessings that have all happened since I finally gave up my life to God and chose to turn my life around.

I am blessed with hope, happiness and peace of mind. I am blessed with band mates, co workers, family and friends and a support system who believe in me like never before, and so many great things are happening. I have learned so much with so much more to learn. Do I like getting older? No, not really. But as long as I have my health, my recovery and my focus on God I know it is going to be a lot better than I had ever imagined it to be.

To the hundreds of people who wished me Happy Birthday on Facebook I want to send an enormous hug and a humble Thank You. I can’t tell you how much it meant to me reading all of your posts. I truly will try to get back to everyone in time, but probably won’t have a chance to dig in until August. I have a REALLY full calendar until about August 5.

To all of my friends who came out to Hemingways and the 8,000 people who attended our A1A/Jeff Pike Birthday Concert in Woodstock on July 15….uh…wow. That is about all I have. Just a spellbound “wow.” I cannot begin to express my thanks and gratitude to God and everyone who makes my life what it is today. I am beyond blessed and grateful, and although I stumble as we all do and will, I do my best to show my gratitude and appreciation every day of my life.

Thanks to God, my family and all of my friends for giving me a Birthday that I will never forget. I love you all.

See you on the road….

Jeff Pike

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