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Posted by on Sep 10, 2012 in Blog

Music has always been, and God Willing will always continue to be, a life-long love for me. Being the driving force that it is, it has been responsible for countless major impacts on me throughout my life, both good, and maybe a few not so good. Currently, due to major life changes I have been implementing over the past couple of years, and with recently attending the Gino Vannelli master class series, I have reignited a passion and developed a focus to spend more of my time studying, practicing, writing, recording, releasing and performing more of my original music. I am also dedicating more of my time to my spiritual and personal growth so that I may continue to grow and become a more boundaried person in all of my relationships. In other words, I am finally getting back to being ME.

Taking into consideration all of the boundaries, priorities and time management changes I am continuously making, I want all of my dedicated Facebook friends to know you are an important part of my daily routine. However, I will not be spending as much time on Facebook as I have in the past. So my poking, likes, messages and posts will be less frequent, but never fear – I’ll still be keeping you updated on what’s going on in the world of Jeff Pike Music. (This will also include links to updates regarding A1A, The Frozen Gringos and The Paul Leslie Hour) Starting this week, I will begin regular posting of You Tube videos, reviews on my extensive record collection, random thoughts of inspiration and commentary, as well as additional info you may be interested in so that you may get to know me better and see my changes and progress as I move forward.

In keeping with the changes, has a new look with updated info. Also, the first Facebook Jeff Pike Artist Fan page, while still in its formative stages, is ready for you to “LIKE” and share with your friends. You can check it out at I hope you will join me on my new life adventure I am finally undertaking. Please know and understand that while I am not present on Facebook all day that I am not too far away and will be checking in at least twice a day. Thank you for all of the years of support. I look very forward to our future….:-)

Jeff Pike

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