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2011 – 2013

The Frozen Gringos On YouTube

Hugo Duarte and Jeff Pike
Original, Acoustic Folk, Americana, and Trop Rock Music


The Frozen Gringos


THE FROZEN GRINGOS were Hugo Duarte and Jeff Pike.

What started as a short venture in January of 2012 to fill their respective off season calendars turned into a very real musical project for Hugo and Jeff. Neither musicians had anticipated or expected the overwhelming response and demand they received in the very short time they had been performing together.

The musical and personal magic which created when Hugo and Jeff made music together was an energy that was felt and commented on by virtually everyone who saw them perform in all of the 18 states in which they toured that year. The difference in each musician’s style, voice, narration and approach to their music blended to make a noticeably honest and real performance.

The success of their 2012 tour persuaded them to go back out on the road in 2013. Once again they were met with rave reviews and well attended performances. The excitement received around the second tour, and Hugo’s batch of new songs, excited Jeff, and after much persuasion Hugo agreed to record a Frozen Gringo CD.

In October of 2013 they released their debut CD, “Chill Before Use.”

Sadly, on November 7, 2014 Hugo Duarte passed away from esophageal cancer in Wilmington, North Carolina and The Frozen Gringos career was cut tragically short.

Please help keep Hugo’s music alive by purchasing  his music and sharing information about his music and the music of The Frozen Gringos.



2003 – 2012

Produced by Paul Leslie and Jeff Pike

The Paul Leslie Hour

The Paul Leslie Hour is a radio program featuring music and interviews with the most creative artists, musicians and entertainers in our world today. It is available at no charge to any BMI, ASCAP OR SESAC licensed radio station in the country whether AM, FM or College Radio.

Learn more about the show and Paul Leslie by going to


1996 – 2009



Vertical Smile consisted of  Jerry McCollum and Jeff Pike. In 2001 guitarist Chaz McDonald joined up to serve. Touting themselves as the ‘self-proclaimed kings of drunken stooge rock,’ the band specialized in comical parody songs of Jimmy Buffett, classic rock, country, and classic standards. The band had a very large internet fan base that would tune in weekly to read the latest episode of ‘The Jeff and Jerry Show.’ The popularity of  ‘The Jeff and Jerry Show’ and the band’s live performances led to the release of two CDs. In 1999 the band released their debut CD, ‘Pelvic Associates’ and in 2001 they captured the frenzied and hilarious vibe of their live shows with their second and final release, ‘Vertical Smile ‘Live at The Keys.’ The title referred to the venue in Montgomery, Alabama where the CD was recorded not the Caribbean Islands of the same name. The band still has a cult following who wait patiently for a reunion and a new CD, but as of yet Jerry and Jeff have still not returned to happy hour…



Out Of The Hole
1996 – 2008
Ken Mercer and Jeff Pike

Out of the Hole


“Out of The Hole” is a groundbreaking musical testimony about the miracle of recovery as told through the words of the late Ken Mercer and the music of Jeff Pike. This project is an honest and true-life story account of one man’s journey into the depths of alcoholism, drug addiction, denial, depression, and finally, spirituality and recovery. It is a story that mirrors so many millions of others. “Out Of The Hole” has been a deep inspiration to many who have heard it and needed it. In many cases, it has been a vehicle and musical catalyst that has actually saved lives. Ken and Jeff performed “Out Of The Hole”- The Miracle of Recovery at local and national recovery conventions and meetings both large and small. Their performances, delivery, message, and music always affected countless people. It is Jeff’s continued hope that through this music can give hope to those still struggling with their faith and the disease of addiction.

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