Jeff Pike


Check out what some people have said about Jeff’s live performances:

“While photographing Jeff at a house concert  one of the guests remarked to Jeff: “You sing from your soul.” And when that was said, I was finally able to put words to what I was hearing and seeing. Jeff does sing from his soul, but it’s more than that to me. He performs from his soul. You simply have to see him live; the stories, the feeling, the music – it’s a one of a kind experience.” David Byrd – Dreamstate Photography

“I have been listening to Jeff Pike for over 20 years now. I have heard every permutation of his music and enjoyed each one. Not only is Jeff an accomplished musician, he is a songwriter of the first order. Being able to paint a picture with words and music is his gift and we all benefit from it. I have heard Jeff play in front of a cheering crowd, in restaurants and bars of many varieties, festivals, house concerts and even just sitting on the couch – each venue is special in its own way. I encourage anyone to hear Jeff whenever possible; it is an experience that you won’t forget.” Michael Troglin

“I came across Jeff’s music a few years ago and fell in love with it. His musical style takes me back to the popular music of my teenage years, back in the 1970’s and the days of Dan Fogelberg, Elton John, and Chicago. His music has a way of reaching down into the heart and making a connection there, as well as having a beat so lively that makes you want to dance. I went to a concert of his a week ago at this writing and I am still living off the “mountain top” experience that I had there.” Dennis Swint

“Amazing! Excellent! Beautiful Voice! Very talented artist! Sings from his heart! Loved Fade Away and Robbie!!” Connie Martenson

“You have a beautiful voice! It is so smooth, melodic. Awesome songs. I appreciate your honesty about your life experiences and successes!” Ellen Frei

“Beautiful voice, good interaction with audience. Honest, kind soul.” Marty Berg

“Love your voice. Great stage act. Great music and stories.” Jim Martenson

“Awesome!!! No other words.” Debra Behm

“Attending a Jeff Pike Home Concert was like adding “class” to our life. It was an intimate, inspirational and fun night to spend with friends.” Joan & Jerry Cochrane

“Jeff Pike House Concerts are an experience in themselves. It’s a journey through Jeff’s musical inspirations as he shares the background stories of many original songs. The intimate setting of a house concert allowed us to really get to know Jeff and his music, which proved to be an incredible evening.” Tammy Camp – Trop Rockin’ Online Magazine

“Jeff Pike and his musical career has been a big part of my life for about 25 years now. Through that time I have watched fans of all ages enjoy the diversity of his music. He has an uncanny knack of drawing you into his world through lyrics and melodies that will reach into your very soul and grab you. Ever since the release of his first solo album “Waiting for the Fire” I have looked forward to each new entry into his musical journal. From songs such as “Midwinter Wind” to “There’s an App For that”, his music has reached many different audiences the world over and I firmly believe that his popularity will only get bigger and better!” J-Anne Mize

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