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On May 4, 1978 at an evening High School Mixer in Mobile, Alabama, at the ripe old age of 16 I first heard the music of Dan Fogelberg. There is no way I could have known that night what an effect this event would have on my music, my spirit and my path of life. From the very first song I felt like I had been hit by a ton of bricks. I promptly wondered, “Why have I not heard this mans music before?” and immediately took it upon myself to absorb every lyric, note and passage of every piece of music Mr. Fogelberg had released up to that point. That has never changed, and on days like today I miss his presence even more; and like many I mourn the music he could have made had he lived.

Music has been the driving force behind my life, heart and soul of my being ever since I can remember. From what I am told, pretty much ever since I came out of the womb; and while I greatly enjoy a wide variety of music, (My album collection can attest to this) the musicians and artists whom I admire, respect and hold in the very highest of esteem are few. Those who have impacted my life like Dan Fogelberg I can count on less than one hand. I had the pleasure of being in his presence for a short while back in 1991, but I never had the chance to meet the man and spend just a few short minutes thanking him – and that is really all I wanted to do. To thank him. Thank him for drastically changing my music, my heart, my life and my musical soul with class and grace for all eternity.

Happy Birthday Dan. If your spirit has not moved on, I am pretty sure you are having an amazing day. Thank you….

Jeff Pike

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