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I am still reeling, dizzy and in awe at the turnout, events, performances and overall success of my 50th Birthday/CD Release Party on July 13 at Hemingways in Marietta, Ga. It was so hard to take it all in while it was happening. All the love in the room was so surreal and overwhelming for me. I was NOT expecting, nor did I plan my show for such an enormous turnout. To make it extra special my Mom, Dad, my brother Pat and I were together again. It has been YEARS since we were in the same room, much less in a photograph together.

I saw faces together in the same room that I have not seen in many, many years. Some never at all. I saw friends I have not seen in decades. People drove in from out of state, Families changed plans, strict work schedules were changed. I tell you, I am just filled with thankfulness. While I was singing that night everywhere I looked there was a face I knew, a memory of a time in my life. So many, many special memories. The only drawback and thing I would change is that I wish I could have spent time with EVERY SINGLE person who came. It is always completely impossible to perform and spend quality time with everyone who comes to see you. Especially when there is a vast amount of people. But I ALWAYS try. I will do my best to touch base with everyone who came, who sent me cards, e-mails, messages, voice mails and presents as quickly as I can. Each and everyone meant the world to me.

In all honesty, it was extremely hard for me NOT to stay emotional many, many times throughout the course of the evening. The performances my friends gave meant so much to me. While not perfect, there was a lot of emotion going on and I hope that transferred to the audience. I had planned for a small, easy listening get together musical reflection of my life. Not for the overwhelming number of friends who came out to help me celebrate and READY to rock. It was SO HARD to hear onstage because the club was so loud. Looking back, I should have brought more PA and put together a more rock and roll show for everyone, but oh well….it was what it was and I hope everyone enjoyed and understood the spontaneity of the moment and the reasons behind the song selections. I have rarely felt so loved, humbled, thankful and grateful. So much more than I have the words to express.

To close, It means more than the world to me to have all of you as part of the building block of my life. Again, I am so very, very, blessed and grateful to have the family, friends, fans (I have never liked that word) and band that I do. Yes…I AM very blessed, and I AM very thankful and grateful.

THANK YOU to EVERYONE for a wonderful Birthday I will never, ever forget.

One last request. For those of you who really DO enjoy my music outside of A1A, It would mean so much to me for everyone to download my new CD “50” that was released on my Birthday. It is a work spanning 29 years of music that takes you on a small journey through my life. I put a lot of heart, soul and work into the tracks on this album, it is very special to me and I would love to share it with you. You can download it at I-Tunes, CD and

Thank you!

Jeff Pike

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