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I am old school. I admit it. There it is. It is out for all of the world to know. Of course, my friends, family and bandmates who have known me for quite sometime are very well aware of this. I have been forever accused, taunted, praised, discarded and congratulated by many, many people when it comes to my take on the music and pop culture of our past and the present. Similiar sentiments are shared by many in regard to the way I have chosen to record and make my music for the past 20 years or so.

I have never been a gear head. For those of you who are unfamiliar with that term, a gear head is usually associated with a musician who as a passion, or obsession if you will, with constantly buying musical gear. Sadly, I have known countless musicians who were in much more need of lessons than gear, but I digress. Anyway, In 1996 I started putting together my first home studio. My plans at the time were to become adapt enough as an engineer so that I could produce other artists’s and possibly have my home studio as another income stream. Well, I bought the top notch gear and recording equipment of the day and in my spare time went to work. As time marched on I did become quite good as an engineer in my studio and had thousands upon thousands of hours of happy musical experiences and projects with it. So….I never upgraded. The modern tapeless digital world of recording technology ran over me and I was completely happy to sit at home with my racks of TASCAM DA 88’s and my Mackie Console until the cows came home. (Yes, I can hear you engineers groaning from here) Well, I looked out my window recently and the cows were in the front yard grazing. Welcome to 2012

I finally gave in and have started using Pro Tools 10. Just so you know, I am a Pro Tools virgin. I must admit I am quite intimidated by all of this, but like other problems in my life over the past couple of years I am dedicated in pushing myself and seeing it through. I have been locked away in my studio for the past two days doing nothing but studying and recording. In addition to my individual efforts I am also taking classes in order to move things forward. How is it going you ask? I am happy to say that I wrote and tracked my first original song on Pro Tools 10 over the weekend and I am over the moon excited. I just HAD to tell someone, so I am telling you. Thank you for your ears and stay tuned for updates!

Digitally yours,

Jeff Pike

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