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Jeff Pike, A1A and The New Parrot Head Documentary

Posted by on Mar 15, 2017

    Jeff Pike and A1A were a huge part of the Parrot Head Phenomenon from the very beginning. Check us out along with a little bit of our early story in the first ever official documentary about Parrot Heads. One of the most loyal and dedicated fan bases in music history are the fans of Jimmy Buffett, affectionately known as the Parrot Heads . The legendary history of how this amazing sub-culture came to be will now be told in the original 90-minute documentary Parrot Heads. Directed by Bryce Wagoner, the film chronicles the birth of the movement when a young musician named Scott Nickerson, a big fan of Buffett s music, decided to put an ad in a local paper to corral any Buffett fans in the Atlanta area for a get together. What began as a small group of friends that would hang out on weekends has now grown into a worldwide organization known as Parrot Heads In Paradise, which promotes the message party with a purpose and has raised more than 40 million dollars in charity donations. Traversing the globe from Key West to Paris, Costa Rica to California, the international phenomenon is greater than ever and has even sparked its own genre of music, Trop Rock (short for Tropical Rock). Featuring never before seen interviews with Jimmy Buffett himself. You can pick up your copy today – Just ‘click here’ Also available on Netflix...

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Goodbye To An Old Friend

Posted by on Dec 15, 2016

It is a beautiful and crisp December morning here in Atlanta. It is the kind of morning that makes you feel good to be alive when you walk outside, look into the sky, breathe the chilly air and upon exhale watch your breath fade quickly out of sight. One second it is there and the next it is gone. I was outside this morning meditating on those thoughts, pondering my own problems and filling my heart with gratitude for the day when I heard that I had lost an old friend during the night. My heart sank and my eyes filled with tears when I heard of the passing of Stan ‘The Man’ Bowen. I have known Stan for well over 20 years or more, ever since the beginning and initial success of A1A. Looking back there was rarely a performance, convention, phlocking or get together we played where Stan wasn’t onstage with us sometime during the evening. From the very first time I met Stan and we got to know each other I realized what a kind, gentle, caring and authentic soul he was. We shared many good times, laughs, drinks and music over the years. I will miss him. Stan had a rare uniqueness about him that I don’t see much of these days. He was a friend to all with a big heart, big spirit and a contagious smile. As sad as it is to lose Stan during the Christmas season I feel in a way it is appropriate. It is a time to celebrate life, birth and new beginnings. Stan has been reborn and is celebrating the season much better than we are able to at the moment. May this thought bring his friends and family some sort of peace and comfort in the days to come. Jeff Pike December 15,...

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They Know, You Know and I Know…..

Posted by on Apr 26, 2016

I was speaking to a friend of mine the other day about how so many people tend to mourn musicians, artists, actors, actresses (and  I am sure with any vocation the same connection can be made, Military, business, etc.) whom they have never met or had any interaction with. This topic has always intrigued me and today I want to share my thoughts with you on this often debated emotional mystery. I believe that through music and the arts it is possible for humans to discover deep and inarticulate awareness about their personality, character, values, dreams, wishes, regrets, appreciation, love, addictions, fears, strengths, admiration, etc. The list goes on and on. Through music and art you grow and as you grow through life, music is right there beside you. Well, for most people. So over the course of time many songs and artists can become part of our personal history. They have the possibility of somewhat becoming a permanent part of our soul and DNA. A constant if you will. Music takes us places only we have privy to.  Music gently takes up permanent residence in parts of our soul, which no one else can gain access to, it makes our hearts feel deep feelings that only we know and can articulate to ourselves.  Music can be a safe haven, a close family member, a friend, a lover, a fantasy, a drinking buddy or a lifetime full of memories. Music can be whatever you want it to be.  It is the universe’s largest wormhole – a faithful and reliable time machine. The artist and/or songwriter in question has all of this power in your life so you feel a ‘natural’ connection to them- and when you lose one it can hurt, some more than others and sometimes quite badly. Recently and over the past two years we continue to lose what seems like an unprecedented number of inspirational and legendary musicians and artists. I realize people die every day who are not in the media and it is just time moving on, yet somehow it feels different. I think we take for granted the strangers who have found their way into our soul and spirit. We feel they will always be here for us to lean on, a constant comfort in our life that will never change and when we lose one, regardless of their age, we feel a...

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I’m Not Where I Thought I Would Be

Posted by on Apr 11, 2016

Six years ago today (April 4, 2016 ) I had my last drink of alcohol. I picked up my blue Serenity Chip at Celebrate Recovery and vowed to do whatever it took to leave my old life behind. It was a life that had brought me decades of personal destruction, painful failed relationships, bad decisions, lost opportunities and many people in and out of my life. The past six years have been a whirlwind of highs and lows, pain, happiness, growth, frustration, fear, confusion and enlightenment. While I am still free from alcohol, like most people in recovery I continuously find issues with myself that I have either overlooked, buried, allowed to continue or have been totally oblivious to. Whatever reason they all need constant attention and sometimes they sneak up from behind and knock me to my knees. Recovery is not easy. It is not for sissies. It is never ending and requires constant care. It will always remain a slippery and dangerous slope which will require never ending attention to navigate successfully. Sitting here today after all I have been through I am very thankful to be sober and alive. Although I will admit there have been more days than I am comfortable with where I have questioned if I wanted to remain active in either of those categories. But I have. Life does not look now like I thought it would look six years ago, or even one or two years ago for that matter. I am still alone and searching for meaning in my life with great uncertainty and occasional fear about my future, what I should do, where I should go and how I should spend my time. Time which seems to be passing faster and faster. I turn 55 this summer and the reflection in my hour glass reminds me there is much more life behind me than there is ahead of me. So I want to spend it wisely. I am a very lucky man in many ways. I have my health, a nice place to live, family, friends colleagues and a band that that I am extremely grateful for. I have a beautiful daughter that puts life in every breath I take – and I am still free of alcohol and all that it once helped me do to my life. No, I am not where I thought I would be,...

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Happy Veterans Day

Posted by on Nov 11, 2015

In the grand scheme of things I know and believe we are all Gods children and that we all share this earth as one. Countries, cultures, race, religion, ethnic differences and greed, to me, seem to be the worldly obstacles that have forever divided us. In a perfect world all of that would cease to exist and there would be peace. But that has never been the case with mankind. Unfortunately, there has always been war. Hopefully, one day it will end. But until when and if that day comes we will need brave, selfless and passionate men and women with the tools, courage and strength to stand up and fight for God and Country. Today we salute the men and women who have given their time and in many cases their lives for our country. Men and women who allow us to live a life of freedom here in The United States of America. God bless our veterans. Please show them the honor and respect that they all deserve. Today and everyday....

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Welcome To October – My Month Of Change

Posted by on Oct 12, 2015

October 12, 2015   Welcome to my favorite month of the year friends – October. For me, the emotions, thoughts, memories and moods, which the colors, events, music and weather of October effortlessly flow into me, always make this month both a  joyful and a melancholy time in my life. Throughout my life, I have had many personal events happen in the month of October. None of them seem to fade as years go by. In fact, many just grow stronger. As for the Holidays Halloween has always been my favorite. I celebrate it much differently these days and usually alone, but I do hold court on Halloween one way or another. As for music news, the A1A season is winding down and I am getting ready for my hibernating season, so to speak. With the exception of some solo performances and a couple of Jeff Pike Band shows, I have no more travels coming up and am looking forward to staying home to work on music and a new me for 2016. To fill up my time during A1A’s off season time, I have been rehearsing a lot of Dan Fogelberg music for ‘Souvenirs’, my tribute to Dan with pianist Kenny Kirby. I have also been working with A1A keyboardist Eric Baumgardner on putting together a tribute duo to Elton John. We are concentrating on a vast number of  Elton’s classic album tracks along with many of his hits. These are two projects I have always wanted to undertake and I am very excited about both of them. On a personal note, 2015 has been a year in my life that I will never forget, yet, one that I will be glad to see grow distant in my rear view mirror. It has been a year steeped with great change, loss, pain, fear, heartache, misunderstanding, broken dreams and struggle, yet, it has brought me much gratitude and a clearer understanding and awareness of myself. In some ways I am still searching, but in other ways this year has helped crystallize within me the true understanding of what I have and what I want for the second part of my life. I won’t lie to you, I still feel like I am drifting, or at best steering with one oar, but I am starting to see dry land appearing in the distance.  Like John Chrighton from the Sci Fi...

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