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SERV International – Guest Blog by Kathy Mullen

Posted by on Oct 9, 2014

SERV INTERNATIONAL – THE MISSION – “Giving people the opportunity to make a difference” is a statement that holds true to this very day about who and what SERV International is.  SERV began in May 2000 building outreach centers, churches and meeting spaces in Mexico. We found out in the early years that people were looking for opportunities to serve others and get involved in things that made a difference.  Years later, SERV expanded into the Dominican Republic, continuing to give others the opportunity to make a difference through various outreach projects and mission trips that were geared toward creating a Christ-centered experience for the Dominican people, as well as for each person serving.  In 2006, SERV’s founder Steve Kasha and another team member were on a plane to Africa for the very first time with eyes wide open looking for what God would have them to do. Little did they know that years later, SERV would have an orphanage in the northwest corner of Kenya that would house 40 children. Because of the famine and drought, SERV also started a large-scale feeding program that has now distributed over 7 million meals in Kenya. The purpose of this food is to reach the places we can and use it as a platform to share Christ with those who have not heard the Gospel. We recognize that we cannot save the world or everyone in Kenya; however, we can share a message and a meal with those we serve.”  _________________________________________________________   I have found through personal experience that it is interesting for me to try and write about something that I have not yet experienced first-hand. For some it is easy and for some it is impossible. For me it is somewhere in the middle. So with that said. Here goes…. I was introduced to SERV International by means of an unexpected gift.  Sometimes people or unplanned circumstances show up in your life and change your thoughts, and your path.  Infrequent, but it can and does happen. Because of this unexpected gift I can now say that while I have never had a mission trip on my ‘bucket list,’ before, I do now. Jim Vinyard is the Director of SERV International.  After spending an entire afternoon reading about SERV on the website ( ) it was easy to ascertain that Jim Vinyard is quite a remarkable and intriguing man, and...

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A Fly On The Wall – Guest Blog by Kathy Mullen

Posted by on Sep 17, 2014

A fly on the wall story of music production…. By Kathy Mullen Mullen Music Management   The Front Office took over for a moment to share a couple of thoughts… The vantage point of being around a musician can provide amazing and new insight into things you might not otherwise think about. For example, what it actually takes to produce a $15 CD. Now that I have, I’d like to share it with you. Speaking as someone who is not a musician, I continue to be fascinated with great talent and everything that comes from that; energy, emotion, drive, inspiration, vulnerability, patience and the ungodly amount of time that goes into writing, rehearsing, recording and performing music. I have had the incredible pleasure of being closely involved with the production of two CD’s at different levels and from two Independent Singer/Songwriters over the past year. It was a unique experience which I will always treasure. While going through the actual process, it didn’t really occur to me just how much goes into the making of a professional CD. It wasn’t until much later when the deadlines were met, the product was finished and the CDs were finally in the hands of the fans, that I took time to reflect. The two CD’s are ‘BACK TO BASICS’ by Jeff Pike and ‘CHILL BEFORE USE’ by The Frozen Gringos. Please note that these are my own thoughts and observations, not those of the artists. MY PERCEPTION AT THE BEGINNING. It all began with making decisions on which songs to record. Songs that, once produced, would live on as a legacy for the artists and be played for years to come. Jeff’s CD was easy; the plan was to focus on material that was stripped down, organic and emotional. This material would show those who only know him as part of A1A, that he is capable of so much more. Jeff thinks outside the box while showing great diversity in the work that he does. The Frozen Gringo’s CD is another story. First and foremost, it took an enormous amount of consistent perseverance on Jeff’s part to finally convince Hugo to record the CD, which became ‘CHILL BEFORE USE.’ A lot of persuasion over a long period of time finally paid off when Hugo ultimately consented. Working on the material on both CD’s took a tremendous amount of time in each...

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Happy Birthday To Me

Posted by on Apr 4, 2014

4 years ago today I made the choice to live my life completely free of alcohol. I joined a Celebrate Recovery Program and turned my life and the road I travel completely over to God. I began a journey down a road of which I had no idea of where it would lead. In doing so, I did not realize that I was completely unaware, on a grand scale, of how the life, spiritual, emotional and physical changes this path of which I chose to live would effect me. I could never have had a clue. It is without a doubt the best decision for my life I have ever made and I am very blessed, grateful and happy to be in the space I am in today. With all of the changes and blessings it continues to bring into my life, I feel like a very lucky man. Jeff Pike April 4,...

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The Frozen Gringos – CD Sales Cancer Support For Hugo

Posted by on Apr 1, 2014

As most of you are probably aware of by now, my dear friend, and fellow Frozen Gringo, Hugo Duarte is suffering from Esophageal Cancer. In a small effort to try to help with his medical and life expenses I am donating 100% of the money from the sales of our 2013 debut Frozen Gringo CD, “Chill Before Use” to “The Friends Of Hugo, Inc.” fund. In this very difficult time I would like to ask two things of you. First, If you smoke cigarettes or cigars – STOP. If you have tried and are finding it difficult there are many avenues available to help with your addiction. Please face the reality and dangers of smoking and take advantage of them. If you don’t smoke, then please encourage someone you know who does to stop. I am sure that your loved ones and friends want you around for as long as possible. Second, please purchase these CDs while we still have some left. In doing so you will be helping Hugo with his growing medical and life bills. A heartfelt thanks to everyone who are rallying around Hugo to help him win this seriously difficult battle. A battle we know he can win with your help.  You can purchase the CD by using the order form on The Frozen Gringo Page – Or you can contact Kathy Mullen at Your orders will be processed and shipped immediately. Hats off to Hugo. We love you my brother and are all praying for you....

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Hugo Duarte Cancer Support

Posted by on Mar 25, 2014

As many of you are probably now aware, my dear friend and musical partner in The Frozen Gringos, Hugo Duarte has been diagnosed with esophageal cancer. Knowing Hugo as I do I am very aware of how much his privacy means to him. So with that in mind I will be respecting his wishes, as should you, and will not be filling up my page, nor his, with thoughts, talks, posts and prayers for Cancer. He is very much aware of the fight ahead, the amount of people who are praying for him and those who are here to help him. Being constantly reminded of this fight everywhere you turn can become horribly daunting. It is his wish to be able to do his best in carrying on as much of a normal routine as possible as he begins this new journey. However, we do recognize the need for communication and a forum with which to share information. This forum is now live and can be reached at We encourage you to post all of your thoughts and feelings for Hugo there. It will be the “official”, so to speak, forum in which Hugo will be communicating to everyone about his progress and he will greatly appreciate your interaction. Please refrain from e-mails, text messages and phone calls at this time. Thank you very much for your thoughts and continuous prayers for Hugo. – Jeff Pike March 25,...

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Posted by on Mar 13, 2014

Sometimes there can be advantages of having a list of passwords which provide an opportunity to share a thought or two. It might have been a bit of a bold move, but that “inner voice” in me strongly suggested that I take a moment to share a bit of Jeff Pike that it might be difficult for him to share about himself. After all, you never quite see yourself the way others do. As you can see the inner voice won. I know there are many of you who are reading this who have known Jeff Pike for 10, 20, 30 years or more. I sheepishly come in with just 2 years now of knowing Jeff and his music. I realize that I will be gone long before I can ever catch up to the majority of close friends and fans who have shared his life and career with him. Seeing the adoration of so many has taught me incredible admiration for all of the years, time and money many of you have put into attending Jeff’s gigs, purchasing CD’s, showing support of his music and just being there when he needed any one of you for any number of reasons. When I first met Jeff, he suggested I check out his website to learn more about him. In doing so I discovered that some of the interviews and radio specials were a few years old. But what great information and history about Jeff and his music I found by taking the time to listen. It opened up a door to the seeming less never ending well of musical information and history that Jeff holds within him. There is no denying that Jeff is true to his craft and absorbs every opportunity to learn, grow and improve. I challenge anyone of you to match Jeff on his knowledge of popular musical history. I recall a story of him “holding court” at lunch time with his music knowledge – beating out anyone who tried to compete with him. Small pieces of this aspect of his musical passion come out through his Vinyl reviews which he produces and shares on his Facebook page ( Not surprisingly he knows the stories behind most, if not all of the music media that he owns. From time to time he’ll let me borrow a stack of DVD’s of various performers as he studies stage performance. While I enjoy so much of what he shares with the world my recent favorite are his collection of 45 RPM records that he...

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