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Snow, New York and Looking For Work

Posted by on Jan 29, 2014

Well, I am sitting here today, snowbound in my domicile of residence in Lawrenceville, Georgia. While staring out the window just now at the white stillness, a long awaited peace came over me. Here is what caused it. Through years of hope and positive thinking I have finally given up. I finally consent to the reality and accept the fact that the state of Georgia will never be prepared for snowfall. Regardless of how much or how little, it really is quite laughable. But be that as it may, I suppose that I should not complain too loud for there is still a bit of childhood fun that my soul receives from being “snowed in.” I do believe though it is only a feeling that we Southerners, who are not blessed (or cursed) with snow on a regular basis, feel and occasionally enjoy. So with that said, and having a little more free time on my hands today than originally intended, I thought I would just update you a little on what has been going on this month in my world. First, I would like to share with you the fact that I am still reelin’ and rockin’ from attending the 2014 Annual APAP Convention in New York City earlier this month. My manager, Kathy Mullen and I were up there in the thick of it for 4 days. We met so many people, made some really useful contacts and saw some tremendous showcases. It was our first time attending this annual worldwide convention and I must say we were awed and overwhelmed. It was a tremendous experience and I hope that we have the chance to be a part of it next year. On another note but a related one, I am just now learning how to use Word Press and am having some problems with it. This is why I have not had a lot of updated material here on since launching the new website recently. But when I do, I will have a lot of recent pictures from the convention posted for you to enjoy. Speaking of the website, ( here is a little more current information that may be useful for you. While the main purpose of this website is to promote my original work there will also be a small part of it that I will use to promote cover gigs. (Restaurants, clubs,...

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Booking The Great Gig In The Sky – A Fond Farewell To Reuben Kincaid – RIP Dave Madden

Posted by on Jan 17, 2014

I was very saddened to hear about the passing of Dave Madden yesterday. Most people who are familiar with Dave Madden remember him best as the stressed out and lovable manager of The Partridge Family, a television series about a fictitious Pop Group  starring David Cassidy and Shirley Jones which ran from 1970-1974. Through all of the days of my youth, the music of  David Cassidy and The Partridge Family were an enormous and moving influence on me, my music and my spirit. They were in fact, a very large part of why I chose my career as a musician. Those who are very familiar with my life and my original music are aware of the enormous amount of real estate the music of David Cassidy and The Partridge Family hold in my  heart. For various reasons I have been badgered about this by many people for my entire adult life. In response, I wish it to be known that I am of the mindset that sometimes real talent gets a stereotypical bad rap for all the wrong reasons. More often than not artists in this situation are never given the respect they are due. I have always felt that way about David Cassidy. As for Dave Madden, his character of Reuben Kincaid and the relationship he shared with Danny Partridge ( played by Danny Bonoduce )  was a very large part of the comedic humor of the show. He was a fine actor, a kind and good man, and a wonderful comedian. He might not have been the best fictitious agent in the world, but he was warm, loving and hilarious. It is funny to think back on my childhood when I used to watch The Partridge Family and believe that what Reuben and The Partridge Family went through was how show business really worked. Today, after being in the business for 30 years, what a joyous and jaded laugh I get out of that. I occasionally scratch my head in disbelief when I realize how long ago that was. My how life, society, culture, innocence, youth, the world and music have changed since 1970 was a new year. I am constantly reminded by my girlfriend on how I spend too much time looking back and that I should only look forward. I know she is right, but on days like today I find myself thinking back with...

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Posted by on Dec 8, 2013

Welcome to the new! To celebrate the launch of my new website and the Christmas Season I have my very first Christmas recording, “There’s Always Tomorrow”, available for download here on until January 1. Get it while you can, enjoy my new website and have a very Merry Christmas! “THERE’S ALWAYS TOMORROW” (Jeff Pike) Audio sample:   Ever since I can remember I have been forever moved by this Christmas classic from the television Christmas Special, ” “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer.” As a child I would patiently and anxiously wait all year long for that one part during the show when Clarice would sing this song to Rudolph. It never failed to moved me to tears and was always over to soon. You must remember that this was long before VCR’s, CD’s, DVDs’s, personal computers, i-Pads, cell phones and I-phones were even a dream in the minds of the people that created them. These special moments came around once a year on television, and if you missed them, then you missed them. People would plan their daily lives to make sure that they were in front of the TV Set when their favorite annual Christmas Special came on. For me, mine was and always has been “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer.” The message in this song coupled with the beautiful and haunting melody sparks hope, love and dreams in every man, woman and child, regardless of their age. It has always been a dream of mine to record it and I am very pleased and honored to offer it to you during this Holiday Season. Always keep your dreams and hope alive in your heart and may you and your loved ones have a very Merry Christmas full of love and joy. Jeff...

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Posted by on Dec 2, 2013

Change is imminent. Resistance to change is futile and time keeps marching on. You can run as fast as you can, and you can bury your head in the sand, but you will never be able to outrun change – or Father Time. Like many of us I have never been too keen on change. Up until just a few short years ago (4 Years in January to be exact) I had a lifelong habit of burying my head in the sand. Ignore something and either it does not exist or it will go away. That was the way my head worked and the way my actions played out for many years. For those of you who do not know (though most do) I was once a drinking man. So it should come as no surprise when I say that my life was about denial. Though I no longer drink alcohol and have been completely sober for almost 4 years, I am not going to sit here and tell you that I have completely overcome and beaten that nasty little praxis. Despite my constant vigil it still pops up now and then, though not quite as often as it used too. Yet I am still not a big fan of change even though I have done quite a bit of it over the past few years. So, imagine my surprise that for the first time in my life I find myself welcoming change, seeking it out, excited as to what new lessons, experiences, growth, and adventures lie ahead for me now that I am able to live and think outside of my box of false security and denial. Of course stepping outside of the box and seeking out change does not always mean that things will go the way I want them too. No, not at all. But if I am going to grow I DO have to take chances and make changes. For me, along with all of the wonderful gifts of my recovery and my late blooming self-awareness, there are also new fears and worries. All brought on by the changes and the choices I have made in my life. But unlike I did for so many years, this time “I will not go quietly into that dark night.” I am looking forward with great anticipation to what 2014 has in store for me. As 2013 comes...

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Posted by on Nov 13, 2013

I sat down at my computer yesterday to write a new blog when just in time I read someone else’s blog that my girlfriend had sent me. The blog in question resounded deeply with my beliefs and other peoples myths surrounding my chosen career as a musician in today’s social media and TV driven world. So much so that she knew I would want to read it and possibly repost it, which I immediately did. As they day wore on I kept thinking more and more about this young ladies blog and the desire to blog about the same subject was growing stronger within me. After much thought I came to my own realization. A realization which told me I could not improve on what Singer/Songwriter Amy Petty posted about Media, TV, Music and Fame vs. what being a happy, honest and successful musician is really all about. So with all hats off and respect to Amy Petty here is her blog in its entirety. Please read, enjoy and share with all your friends. You can read more about Amy Petty at Jeff Pike November 13, 2013 Tonight, I’m standing in a stranger’s living room, singing at a house concert. I’m far from home and I don’t know anyone here but you’ve given me your time, your ear and your heart for two hours and by the end of the night, we know each other. We are fulfilled and changed by the experiences of the evening and life is good. We are moved, unexpectedly. You approached me with tears in your eyes. I was standing near the tissue box so I had the honor of handing one to you. You told me what that one song meant to you, how it spoke exactly of an experience you’d had and that it meant the world to hear someone else felt the same way. After a few moments of each of us trying to find the words, you said, “And you should audition for the The Voice!” I smiled and laughed a bit and said thank you. “I mean it,” you said, “you’re good enough! You could win! You could be famous! Someday, you’ll make it and we’ll say we knew you when. I’ve come to realize that this is a huge compliment, maybe the biggest compliment that you could possibly offer. You have just placed me in the company...

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Posted by on Oct 13, 2013

My new CD – “Back To Basics” is available now for purchase and download! If you can’t make the CD Release Party today at Hemingways in Marietta, Georgia you can at least pick up your copy and enjoy the music on it’s first day of release. For more information on the CD Release party today go to my concert calendar. Hope to see you at the party today, but if not I look forward to your review of my new music. Thanks for listening! 🙂 – To purchase the CD, visit my Store at Yours in the spirit of music, Jeff...

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