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Posted by on Sep 9, 2013

The latest CD by Singer/Songwriter Jeff Pike finds him returning to his roots as a musician and a songwriter. On this intimate and aptly named CD, “Back To Basics”, you will find no drums, no elaborate studio production, and no fancy overdubs. What you will find are simple, emotional, vulnerable and honest recordings by an extremely versatile musician returning home to the music that comes from his soul. Just Jeff, his voice, his guitar and his piano. Those who follow Jeff’s career and appreciate his original music have been anticipating and asking for this CD for years. Well, the wait is over. On “Back To Basics” Jeff has taken some of his most popular songs along with several unreleased compositions and given them new acoustic arrangements. The result is a raw and introspective album of music that listeners will relate to. Jeff is best known since 1992 as the founder and lead singer of “A1A – The Official and Original Jimmy Buffett Tribute Show.” However this new CD, like all of his original work outside of A1A, shows an entirely different side of Jeff and his music. “Back to Basics” is an opportunity for Jeff to express a more personal and vulnerable side of his life. He will not be retiring from his position in A1A, but rest assured you will be seeing and hearing a lot more of his solo work from this point forward. If you haven’t heard any of Jeff’s original music, now is the time. If you think you know Jeff as a musician and songwriter through A1A and Trop Rock, think again. “Back To Basics” will be officially released on October 13, 2013. Stay tuned to and for information and updates. Join our e-mail list to get up-to-date information as soon as it is released. Jeff...

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Posted by on Aug 13, 2013

On May 4, 1978 at an evening High School Mixer in Mobile, Alabama, at the ripe old age of 16 I first heard the music of Dan Fogelberg. There is no way I could have known that night what an effect this event would have on my music, my spirit and my path of life. From the very first song I felt like I had been hit by a ton of bricks. I promptly wondered, “Why have I not heard this mans music before?” and immediately took it upon myself to absorb every lyric, note and passage of every piece of music Mr. Fogelberg had released up to that point. That has never changed, and on days like today I miss his presence even more; and like many I mourn the music he could have made had he lived. Music has been the driving force behind my life, heart and soul of my being ever since I can remember. From what I am told, pretty much ever since I came out of the womb; and while I greatly enjoy a wide variety of music, (My album collection can attest to this) the musicians and artists whom I admire, respect and hold in the very highest of esteem are few. Those who have impacted my life like Dan Fogelberg I can count on less than one hand. I had the pleasure of being in his presence for a short while back in 1991, but I never had the chance to meet the man and spend just a few short minutes thanking him – and that is really all I wanted to do. To thank him. Thank him for drastically changing my music, my heart, my life and my musical soul with class and grace for all eternity. Happy Birthday Dan. If your spirit has not moved on, I am pretty sure you are having an amazing day. Thank you…. Jeff...

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Posted by on Jul 15, 2013

I would like to thank everyone who took the time to post and wish me a Happy Birthday over the past couple of days. I always feel humbled, grateful and blessed by the number of notices, messages and e-mails that I receive and wish I had the time to respond personally to each and everyone. I had a fantastic Birthday this year traveling to Dallas, Texas and performing with A1A. As the years roll on I treasure each Birthday a little more and more and try to make the most out of every minute. Thanks again to all of my family, friends and listeners who allow me to be a part of their lives. With love and respect, Jeff...

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Posted by on Jul 1, 2013

Testosterone driven 1970’s Hard rock and roll. I love it. I loved it then and I love it now. The 1970’s had a lot of that to offer. Like every generation since the 1950’s does, of course; and every generations rock and roll is a little different. But they all have some things in common that speak to the backseat lover in all of us. Hard driving simple chord changes, a slim and sexy lead singer with nice hair and a great voice (well, not always), ripping guitar solos, lyrics about girls, sex, rock and roll, mind altering substances and all that the dark side of our teenage years was all about. Experienced in our youth it can seem to many like the ultimate physical and emotional release of raw energy. The Nirvana of the number that your body is doing on you throughout your teenage years. (Well, outside of sex that is; and let’s be honest; when this music was at the top of our personal charts the majority of us had yet to experienced carnal worldly pleasures) It is the music of youth, frustration, dreams, little responsibility and reckless abandon. Not everyone succumbs to its power and is left to deal with the consequences of a misspent youth, but many do. (And don’t kid yourself, it IS powerful) Some outgrow it and leave it in their closet along with their high school memories and college annuals. Some try to hold onto it for their entire adult lives. Some make the biggest mistake and make it their entire career. Thus, forever stuck in Teenage Rock and Roll Limbo. Traveling down a path that usually does not have a happy ending. Then there are the lucky ones, who as they age ,regardless of their career path, take with them the memories, melodies and mystical madness of the dreams Rock and Roll offered to us in our youth and use it to keep a tiny flame and vigil alive in their souls. Just enough to keep burning the excitement, adventure and possibilities of life that our Rock and Roll youth gave us, while actually growing up and learning how to be functional, successful, healthy and happy aging adults. As for me you may ask? Well, I have always known and felt inside since I was a young boy that I had no choice. Music chose me and I was stuck...

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Posted by on Apr 4, 2013

Greetings friends and listeners, The last time I touched base with you about a month ago, I was sitting in the French Quarter in New Orleans. Well, New Orleans, along with all of the other stops I made before I arrived home just yesterday were very kind to me. Sitting here in the warmth of my home this morning I feel very blessed. As you may know, I have been on tour with my musical com-padre Hugo Duarte as The Frozen Gringos since February; and as I mentioned in the previous paragraph I made it safely home from the road just yesterday. Our tour was very successful and it was a joy to get back out on the open road again. The audiences were quite heavenly; and while traveling at it’s best is quite taxing, I do so enjoy seeing our country through a windshield as opposed to flying. I have always enjoyed the road – still do – and it may come as no surprise to some that much more than a smidgen of wander lust has always held court around the clock in my semi restless soul. But as time goes by there has remained a small part of me that feels like staying put, settling down, and leaving the ways of the road and the single wayward minstrel behind. As you can see it has not won me over yet, but I do find that piece of me growing larger upon each return from the repetitious, and dare I say it, shallow world of rock and roll on the road. But let’s be realistic. I am a musician and the road is part of that life. So in reality I just need to suck it up and remember that moderation is the key; and speaking of moderation I would like to take this opportunity to wish myself a Happy Birthday….. Three years ago today I made a decision and started my new life – a God driven life without alcohol. It has turned out to be the best decision I have ever made for myself, my family, my friends, and for my life. Upon making this decision I immediately joined a Celebrate Recovery Group in Duluth, Georgia which has been my home every Monday evening when I am in town. The impact of following a sober and God driven path has impacted my life, my spirit,...

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Posted by on Mar 6, 2013

Greetings friends and listeners, At this exact moment I am sitting in The French Quarter in New Orleans at the Community Coffee house watching the city move. No, this is not a vacation, unfortunately. As I write this I am on tour with Hugo Duarte as The Frozen Gringos. This weeks stop – The Big Easy. Ahhhhh….New Orleans. She and I have had a tumultuous, yet satisfying love affair for many, many years, and it is always a pleasure to return. I have been on the road with The Frozen Gringos since February 19 and it has been hectic, eventful and successful. Given all the good times; however, taking care of ones life let alone on the road can be very difficult, to say the least. So, before I go any further I want to apologize to some of you who have written in regard to my lack of personal updates, album reviews, etc., on my Facebook page. This time of year it does prove difficult for me not to make all things “Frozen Gringo,” especially since we spend so little time during the year performing together. Having said that, I am going to try my best to keep up for the rest of the tour, and things will definitely be back in full swing when I return home. As I just mentioned, The Frozen Gringo tour is moving along successfully. What I failed to mention however, is that our first CD is almost finished. A couple of more long visits to the studio and we should have it completely thawed out for public consumption. Just so you know, Jeff Pike Music is still in full swing with a new acoustic CD scheduled for release by the first of summer. Recording has also started for my first Christmas CD, and, another all original acoustic CD scheduled for release during the first quarter of 2014. So needless to say, I am very busy. On a personal note, my lovely daughter turns 18 next month and graduates high school in May. In the fall she will be attending The University of Georgia where she will be studying Journalism and Finance. All of us in her life are over the moon proud of the amazing young woman she has become and cannot believe how quickly the time has flown. I never thought this day would arrive, but it has…with many, many mixed...

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