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Posted by on Aug 5, 2012

I have returned from one of the most amazing musical, spiritual and life learning weeks of my life. For 5 days in a row, 7 hours a day I was part of a class of 5 hand picked students blessed enough to be personally taught voice and songwriting techniques by one of the finest musicians, vocalist’s and songwriter’s of the past 40 years, Gino Vannelli. I will share more with my blog, photos and music in time. But this morning, I just wanted to let all who were interested know I was home, feeling, blessed, grateful, alive and in a very new and improved space. Many personal thanks to Gino and Ross Vannelli, Phyllis and Ed at Brickhaven Bed and Breakfast, Kathy Mullen and Stephanie Ranker for help making this past week possible for me. Also, a very special tip of the hat to the good friends and memories I made this week with my new classmates.

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Posted by on Jul 18, 2012

I turned 51 on July 13, 2012. It seems like just a blink of an eye since July 13, 2011 when I turned 50. Turning 50 was a big thing for me, and it was a big day as well. I threw a big reunion concert, party and CD Release event at Hemingways in Marietta, Georgia to commemorate the event. I was blessed with an enormous turn out of friends old and new. Family, friends and fans came out of the woodwork from far and near in order to wish me well and enjoy my CD release party at Hemingways. I was not expecting the response I received last year, and I am happy to say that my sentiments this year reflects the same. Just in case you think you missed another crazy Jeff Pike party, do not worry. I did not throw a big party this year, nor did I release a new CD. I figured after last year that I would just let 51 casually roll by. It did not casually roll by, but neither was it the huge extravaganza of Birthdays gone past. Was there still drama and craziness? Yep…There has always been at least a little drama and craziness surrounding my natal festivities, so why should this year be any different? Be that as it may, It was an amazing week both personally and professionally. The highlight was a small private dinner party that most of my family and loved ones gave me to help me celebrate turning 51. I learned a lot and felt even more changes occurring in my heart and life during those few short hours. I almost cannot explain it. It was a brief yet very important experience in my life which I will always cherish and keep close to my heart. I sit here today and look where I was just a little over two short years ago. I was at one of the lowest points of my life when I finally chose to enter a local Celebrate Recovery program in Dacula, Georgia. Seriously, for the first time I chose to turn my entire life over to God, and let him heal me and guide my way. Both physically and emotionally, the experience has been more difficult, confusing, scary and bumpy than anyone who has not been through similar circumstances can imagine. But I sit here today surrounded by unprecedented...

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Posted by on Jul 3, 2012

I am extremely saddened to hear of the passing of Andy Griffith today. Mr. Griffith had and extremely long and fruitful career. I enjoyed everything that he ever gave us to no end. But like many, I will always remember him as Sheriff Andy Taylor. It is no secret to those who know me that The Andy Griffith Show has always been my favorite TV Show for all of my life. Not only because of the amazing writing and comedy, in that respect the show was magic beyond belief, but because of the simpler and more wholesome way of life the show betrayed. A show of love, decency, morality and family. I was a part of that kind of life through my Grandparents on both my Mother and my Fathers side. It has remained a part of me that could never ever be removed or altered, and I go there when I want to think of peace, innocence and extreme happy moments in my life. Like Mayberry….Just like Mayberry When I became a Father, as odd as it may seem I looked to Andy Griffith and the many life lessons he taught his young son Opey to help me with my road map to cover that journey. I knew Andy was getting up in years and would not be with us for long, so I was expecting this. But I didn’t think his death would hit me as hard as it has….Mayberry and the world has lost the best Sheriff we ever had. So before I get too sentimental and mushy I think I will go down to the diner and shed a few tears for Andy. I hope Juanita is working……… Thanks, Andy….Say hello to Barn for us…. Jeff...

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Posted by on Oct 12, 2011

I am still reeling, dizzy and in awe at the turnout, events, performances and overall success of my 50th Birthday/CD Release Party on July 13 at Hemingways in Marietta, Ga. It was so hard to take it all in while it was happening. All the love in the room was so surreal and overwhelming for me. I was NOT expecting, nor did I plan my show for such an enormous turnout. To make it extra special my Mom, Dad, my brother Pat and I were together again. It has been YEARS since we were in the same room, much less in a photograph together. I saw faces together in the same room that I have not seen in many, many years. Some never at all. I saw friends I have not seen in decades. People drove in from out of state, Families changed plans, strict work schedules were changed. I tell you, I am just filled with thankfulness. While I was singing that night everywhere I looked there was a face I knew, a memory of a time in my life. So many, many special memories. The only drawback and thing I would change is that I wish I could have spent time with EVERY SINGLE person who came. It is always completely impossible to perform and spend quality time with everyone who comes to see you. Especially when there is a vast amount of people. But I ALWAYS try. I will do my best to touch base with everyone who came, who sent me cards, e-mails, messages, voice mails and presents as quickly as I can. Each and everyone meant the world to me. In all honesty, it was extremely hard for me NOT to stay emotional many, many times throughout the course of the evening. The performances my friends gave meant so much to me. While not perfect, there was a lot of emotion going on and I hope that transferred to the audience. I had planned for a small, easy listening get together musical reflection of my life. Not for the overwhelming number of friends who came out to help me celebrate and READY to rock. It was SO HARD to hear onstage because the club was so loud. Looking back, I should have brought more PA and put together a more rock and roll show for everyone, but oh well….it was what it was and...

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Posted by on May 28, 2011

I would like to personally invite anyone who has ever enjoyed my music to a very special Birthday Concert helping me celebrate my 50th trip around the sun. I really cannot believe it has finally arrived and how quick the passing of time has been. For many years I have contemplated how I would spend the 50th anniversary of my arrival to this planet, and who I would spend it with. After long and careful examination of my career and my personal life as it is today, I came upon the obvious, and only answer to this question. I want to spend it celebrating, singing, laughing, crying and making music with the dear people who have shared my life with me, shaped my heart and soul, supported my music, stood by me through the good and the bad and helped make me the man I am today. All during the course of the evening I will be inviting friends and musicians who I have played with over the years to join me onstage to perform certain select songs of my personal choosing. Every song I perform will either have been extremely important in the journey of my life, or one that helps tell my story and is very, very close to my heart. There will be several songs I have never performed in public before, for personal reasons, and may never perform onstage again. Both cover and original songs. I am going to start with 1966 and try and bring it up the present. Tough job but should make for a good show. The show will be recorded for posterity. I have another BIG surprise about this evening to tell you…..but I need to wait just a little while longer…..:-) Stay tuned for a very cool update. I do hope you can make it. Thanks to everyone who has shared my life with me, both past and present, here and gone….and for helping and allowing me the honor and privilege to live my life like a song. Stay tuned for more info… 🙂 The road is long… Jeff...

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Posted by on Apr 11, 2011

CONCERT CALENDAR Well, the season is here!. If you plan on coming to some shows this spring and summer I encourage you to visit the Concert Calendar often. A1A, The Jeff Pike Band and my own solo dates are being added and edited regularly. NEW A1A CD UPDATE Friends, the new A1A CD is just around the corner. We promise. Packaging is finished, mixing is 90% complete and we are very close to the finish line. However, we have run into some unfortunate health issues with the very talented people who are producing and mixing this project. This being the case our release date has been pushed back a bit. Don’t worry, everyone and everything is going to be just fine and we should be on The Road To Paradise before too much more time goes by. But in the meantime, keep us in your prayers and send some positive energy our way. 🙂 More info coming soon. HUGO DUARTE AND JEFF PIKE After not playing or seeing each other in 6 years, my very good friend Hugo Duarte and myself came together for an unrehearsed improvisational House Concert sponsored by The Atlanta Trop Rock Alliance on January 29, 2011 in Marietta, Georgia. The show was so successful, moving and inspiring that we have devoted ourselves to bringing this special event to all who will listen.. We are wanting to take the “Wonder What Is Going To Happen Next” Tour on the road this year. If you or anyone you know would be interested in hosting a local House, Club or Community Concert, or if you would like some more information on just what a House Concert is, please get in touch with me at You can listen to a vast selection of live tracks from that nights performance as well as performances from my most recent House Concert with Kelly McGuire at That’s it for now…See ya at the show! Jeff...

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