Jeff Pike


Listen To ‘Believe In Me’
Lyrics and Music by Jeff Pike

Drifting through a world filled with hopes and dreams.
Looking for the love to tear away the seams.
I’m a spinning wheel standing still in time.
Searching for my future in fantasies and rhyme.

Cold and empty years have passed with me and you.
When in my heart I knew what I must do.
You sacrificed but I paid the price.
Now I’ll listen to your rules.
But I’ll keep my own advice.

For you’ve got to believe in me.
For no one else has seen me like you do.
When my back was against the wall.
I needed you to break my fall.
When faith and hope have pulled me through.
Believe in me so I can believe in you.

I see that in your heart there was never room for me.
Bitter words have rocked our lives like angry tides at sea.
We can’t look for time is never really on our side.
When it was black you called it white.
Never a peaceful night. Will we ever touch you?



Copyright 1991
Jeff Pike Music/BMI

Jeff Pike – Electric Piano and Vocal

Produced by Jeff Pike

Recorded at Jeff Pike Studios
Atlanta, Georgia


I wrote and recorded this song on a TASCAM 4 Track Cassette recorder back in 1984. It remained unfinished until 1989 when I went to Songbird Studios in Atlanta, Georgia to record my first CD, ‘Waiting For The Fire.’

This song was written about the relationship that my Father and I had shared for the vast majority of my early life. It is not uncommon for many Father and Sons to not see eye to eye and a lot of people have been touched and effected by this song. The fact that my Father and I patched up our relationship well over 2 decades ago makes this a happy song for me now. Full Circle.

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