Jeff Pike


Listen to ‘Fade Away’
Lyrics and Music by Jeff Pike and Rick Cook

I got my suitcase and I’m packing.
Soon I’ll be walking out your door.
Can’t think of anything that ain’t been said before.
Something deep inside of me says get up off the floor.
It’s been too long and the feelings gone.
Fade Away, Fade Away

I got your letter here this morning.
It says you won’t be coming home.
Says it’d be much too hard to look into my eyes.
Her new life’s a calling her now. No time to cry.
It’s been too long and the feelings gone.
Fade Away, Fade Away

What makes two lovers drift apart this way?
Other arms lie waiting but the memories surely stay.
It turned out wrong.
And now the feelings gone to stay.
Fade Away.

Got this lonely, lonely feeling.
Like I’m blowing in the wind.
Like a gambler who hopes his hand will win.
Luck will come my way. Yes love will come again.
It’s been too long and the feelings gone.
Fade Away, Fade Away

Fade Away…..


Copyright 1991
Jeff Pike Music/BMI

Jeff Pike – Keyboards and Vocals

Produced by Jeff Pike

Recorded at Jeff Pike Studios
Atlanta, Georgia


Back in the mid 1980’s, through my good friend Henry Jordan I was introduced to a talented songwriter by the name of Rick Cook. Rick did not write professionally. He wrote simply for his own enjoyment. We became friends and after awhile he approached me with the idea of working on a song together for me to record. I immediately agreed and asked him to show me any ideas he had. He had not gone very far when he played part of ‘Fade Away’ for me. It struck a chord within me and I knew that this was a keeper. So he gave what he had to me and I worked on it, finished it and recorded it. The original version came out on my first CD, ‘Waiting For The Fire’ back in 1991. Tragically, Rick died of a brain tumor at the age of 41 before my CD was released. But he did get to hear my recording before he moved on. Friends and fans have always loved this song, as do I. So when it came time to plan ‘Back To Basics,’ Fade Away’ immediately came to mind. 

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