Jeff Pike


Listen To ‘I’ve Always Loved You’
Lyrics and Music by Jeff Pike

I’ve always loved you long before I knew you.
Your dreams have been in my heart.
Now I stand before you, and ask to love you.
Can we make a new life? A new start?

Afraid and alone. How could I have known?
The pain that would pass to keep real love at last.
I’ve always loved you, long before I knew you.
Buried deep in my soul.

A lonely lifetime of secluded wonder
Had left me cold with no hope
Broken and alone. How?
How could I have known?
How could I understand?

On this day I promise my love.
Mountains to climb. Races to run.
Side by side we’ll hold our heads high
And never lay down alone again.
This game of love we will win.
We will win in the end.

On this day I promise my love.
The only crime I’ll be guilty of
Is holding your heart away from the pain
That this cold world can bring.

Walk with me in the sand
Hand in hand…


Copyright 2011
Jeff Pike Music/BMI

Jeff Pike – Electric Piano and Vocals

Produced by Jeff Pike

Recorded at Jeff Pike Studios
Atlanta, Georgia

Here is a beautiful love song. Just me and the electric piano. This song was inspired by a lady I was in a relationship with at the time and the song ‘Keep On Walking,’  by Gino Vannelli.  This song also appeared on my 2011 CD release, ’50.’

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