Jeff Pike


Listen To ‘Just A Little While Longer’
Lyrics by Jeff Pike and Scott Nickerson
Music by Jeff Pike

It seems like a long time I’ve been traveling down this road.
Not a lot to go on. No extra money to blow.
But I got tickets in my pocket to take me down to somewhere hot.
For 5 days I’ll live like a King, then I’m back in the same old spot.

Now I see I’ve been alone even when I thought I knew
What love was for, what lay in store before my heart found you.
Then it hit me like a ton of coconuts falling from a tall palm tree.
For the first time in my life I found the one for me.

Just a little while longer, said a voice inside my brain.
Just a little while longer. Some things are about to change.
Settle in and settle down. Take some time to look around.
You’re only gonna have to wait a little while longer

I never really knew just how to love.
I never really felt the pain.
I never knew what I was dreaming of.
Til for the very first time I opened my eyes
Threw fear aside and then realized that..


I’ve seen a lot of water pass on out to see.
And looking back I now can smile at the man I used to be.
In my wildest dreams I never knew what love could bring.
I was so sure I had it all when I didn’t have a thing.



Copyright 2003
Jeff Pike Music/BMI

Jeff Pike – Acoustic Guitar, Keyboard and Vocals

Produced by Jeff Pike

Recorded at Jeff Pike Studios
Atlanta, Georgia

This tune goes way back to 1995 when my first partner in A1A, Scott Nickerson and I were playing the very first Parrot Head Cruise. Scott and I traveled and played around the country a LOT back in those days and had many good times. This song is about being on the road, playing to a lot of people, being treated extremely well and then having to come back home to reality and an empty house. It first appeared on the 2003 CD by A1A, ‘Ship Happens!!!’, but the original version appeared on my 2011 CD, ’50.” Hell, I liked it so much I decided to do an unplugged version of it for ‘Back To Basics.’

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