Jeff Pike


Listen To ‘New York’s In My Heart’

Music and Lyrics by Jeff Pike

Stolen kisses in secluded doorways. Walks through Central Park.
Hugs on roof tops. Late night Chinese Dinners.
Cab rides after dark.

This rendezvous for me and you will be a wonderful new start
My journey ends. Our love begins.
New York’s in my heart.

Imagine no more lonely heartaches as we walk hand in hand.
We’ve come together in stolen moments.
Beside you I will stand.


We never dreamed. We never knew that love could be like this.
With just one kiss we found a love we never knew we missed.


Stolen kisses in dim lit doorways. Hand and hand in Central Park.
Gazing out over the water knowing we’ll never part.

This rendezvous for me and you has been a wonderful new start
Our journey ends. Our love begins.
New York’s in our heart
My journey ends. Our love begins.
New York’s in my heart


Copyright 2013
Jeff Pike Music

Jeff Pike – Guitars, Vocals and Keyboards

Produced by Jeff Pike

Recorded at Jeff Pike Studios
Atlanta, Georgia

This song is about an unexpected afternoon I was able to spend with my girlfriend in New York City while I was on tour with The Frozen Gringos ( ) back in March of 2012. My partner, the late Hugo Duarte and I were spending a few days in New York with a very good friend. It just so happened that during a layover on her way to London my girlfriend was spending about 5 hours in the big apple visiting her best friend. This song tells the story of the few lovely hours we shared together in Central Park.

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