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Listen To ‘Paradise At The End Of A1A’


Music and Lyrics by Jeff Pike

We’ll watch the sun go down and then we’ll paint the town.
The moon and stars above might let us fall in love
Just you and me strolling by the sea.
Watch the night time turn to day.
Paradise at the end of A1A.

Palm trees, swaying. Steel drums, playing.
Night spots are ringing those sweet songs that their singing.
Nursing a bottle of wine.
We’re caught up in the rhythm and the lime.
Oooh, we’re lost in the sound of the sea.

Your eyes are dancing. We need some romancing.
Put away your troubles their 1,000 miles away.
We’ll put off to tomorrow what we won’t do today.
No you won’t find this in Atlanta, Ga.
Paradise is just a step away.


Time moves slow, but it’s time to go.
But of course I didn’t make it very far.
Sidetracked by a few drinks at the bar.
Didn’t even find my old rent a car.
Ah, to hell with what they say, I’m gonna stay.


Paradise at the end of A1A.


Copyright 2013
Jeff Pike Music

Jeff Pike – Guitars, Keyboards, Vocal and Production

Produced by Jeff Pike

Recorded at Jeff Pike Studios
Atlanta, Georgia

‘Paradise At The End Of A1A’ came about from my first couple of trips to Key West, Florida. When I first found Key West back in 1992 I was quite enamored with it. Through the years I had many a good time on this tiny island and it still has a special place in my heart. I haven’t been back in a very long time but its memories are still very strong for me. The original recording of this song can be found on the CD, ‘Ship Happens!!!’  ‘Ship Happens!!!’ was the first all original CD by my band A1A which was released in 2003. I always thought it worked well as an acoustic number so I resurrected it for ‘Back To Basis’ in 2013.

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