Jeff Pike


Listen To ‘Robbie’ 
Lyrics and Music by Jeff Pike

Robbie was the one I told my dreams too.
Robbie was the one who always cared.
We swore we’d be around.
In those years I thought I’d found
That’s what God intended friends to be.

Robbie was the one I never lied too.
From our childhood days we were always side by side.
I never thought there’d come a day
When we’d go our separate ways
Without even sharing a goodbye

Robbie, in youth how carefree time can slip away.
Though we’ve drifted far apart
Can we still believe in our hearts
That growing up meant losing yesterday.

For lately now it seems I’ve had this feeling
For life to be the way it used to be.
Now the days they’re hard to find
And this world looks so unkind.
And I feel my soul pulling away from me

Robbie are you there? Are you happy?
Do you ever miss the days of you and me?
I saw your picture yesterday
And it carried me away.

Robbie, it’s me….calling…you


Copyright 2013
Jeff Pike Music

Jeff Pike – Piano and Vocal

Produced by Jeff Pike

Recorded at Jeff Pike Studios
Atlanta, Georgia


I met my best friend, Robbie on the first day of Kindergarten many decades ago. We became best friends instantly and were inseparable through all of our childhood and most of our high school years. As friends tend to do when they grow up they drift apart as their lives change. You have to remember that back in these days there was no Internet, no google, no cell phones. All you had was a phone book and a telephone. It could be impossible to track someone down. Such was the case with Robbie for many years. One day in 1983, I was thinking about those early years of my life, missing my old friend and wondering where he was. I sat down at the piano and this song just came out of me in about 5 minutes…


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