Jeff Pike


Listen To ‘There’s An App For That’
Lyrics by Monte Tolar and Jeff Pike
Music by Jeff Pike

I’m stuck in my cube.
My boss is too rude, screaming at me on my e-mail.
Time is too short to finish all my reports.
Hmm, I feel like I’m in jail.
Fax coversheets, deadlines to meet, the network is once again down.
I need to disconnect from this internet. Find a way to turn my life back around.

There’s an app for that. There’s a cure you see.
It’s the sun, the sand, the lone palm tree.
There’s an app for that. The tropical breeze.
Get off the grid. Crash on the beach.
Give yourself some room to breathe.

Conversation is broke. Privacy a joke.
The world knows your life before you do.
Phone lines are out. Now all it’s about is just stroking your Google and Yahoo.
Between IM and Facebook, Twitter and Outlook, I’m lost in this digital age
I need a real download before I unfold.
A jailbreak from my fire wire cage


I need a shower of laughter to wash off the pain
With soap made of smiles from island rain.
If knowledge is power I’ve nothing to gain.
Get me out of town before I go insane.


Hmm…Give yourself some room to breathe.
Turn off your I-Phone. Spend some time alone
Unplug your laptop. Put on your flip flops.


Copyright 2013
Jeff Pike Music/BMI

Jeff Pike – Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards and Production

Produced by Jeff Pike

Recorded at Jeff Pike Studios
Atlanta, Georgia


The lyric to this song was given to me by an old friend of mine by the name of Monte Tolar. Monte always dreamed of writing a song with me, and over the years he must have given me a hundred sheets of paper with lyrics on them for me to look at. He was always very excited, and usually a bit tipsy. So for one reason or another it never worked. That is until he slipped me this lyric back in 2010. It wasn’t completely finished but I could tell that a good idea was present. He excitedly handed it to me and told me to do with it what I wanted to do with it. So I finished the lyric, put some music to it and made a song he was very proud of. The first recording of this was by myself and A1A on our 2011 CD, ‘Road To Paradise.’ It was a reggae version which was quite popular with our fans. For my CD, ‘Back To Basics’ I resurrected the way it was originally written in memory of my good friend Monte.

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