Jeff Pike


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Lyrics and Music by Jeff Pike

It seems to me, there are better days
That lie beneath our pillow – never to return.
Looking past the faded flowers, I found a memory I could keep
To wash my tears away.

As rain falls upon my window, her moistened eyes
Are all I see
But now is the time. Love just has to set me free.
A childish fool that finally learned to fly.

A fallen hero who forgot his lines.
Is all I am so baby set me free

It seems to me there are better ways to find a promise you can keep
When nights are cold.
I hope that when reality takes my dream
I hope that I will find it’s what I needed.

But what if I find that when I reach it, it was not what I had dreamed?
Could there still be a you and me?

Just close your eyes and dreams will take you far away.
To a life without me…



Copyright 1982
Jeff Pike Music/BMI

Recorded at The Red Light Café in Atlanta, Georgia
January 7, 2001

Jeff Pike – Guitar and Vocal

Produced by Jeff Pike

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