Jeff Pike


Listen To ‘Good Morning Alabama’


Lyrics by Bush Peebles and Jeff Pike
Music by Jeff Pike

Got on the train in the pouring rain. Alone, on second coach.
I cruised through the cars with my boots and guitar. A cool Southern approach.
As we rolled through the steelyards I hummed an old country song.
Looks like I’m leaving Alabama behind. Wondering if I’ll ever get home.

Rode through the night. Dreams in my head.
Only fame on my mind.
I’m gonna sing my songs. Right the worlds wrongs.
And leave all my troubles behind.

I left my home by the bay for the lights of L.A.
Now I close my eyes and I slowly drift away.
With Alabama on my mind.

Good morning Alabama. How have you been?
Good to see you in the morning mist as I’m a comin’ round the bend.
And when I’m feeling down and low.
I know you’ll always be under those Southern Stars
Waiting there for me

But of all the hearts I’ve known. Oh and all the coops I’ve flown.
Yes I still feel alone. Until my memories take me home.
Times were hard. Money was thin. But I held onto my dream.

Played the blues while I paid my dues. Waiting for my ship to come in.
When I was looking at the stars through the roof of a fancy car on a California night
And then it hit me like a stone. Yes, I’ll always be alone.
So I’m taking that morning train tonight



Copyright 2001
Jeff Pike Music/BMI

Recorded at The Red Light Café in Atlanta, Georgia
January 7, 2001

Jeff Pike – Guitar and Vocal
Koney Ferrell – Bass Guitar

Produced by Jeff Pike

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