Jeff Pike


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Lyrics and Music by Jeff Pike

Look at me and tell me I’m the man I used to be.
A few more miles have eased on down the road.
My taste for younger past times has been quenched along the way.
And I need someone to warm me from the cold.

The path he walked was different and so far away from mine.
His feet tread on a strange but carefree ground.
But he picked up bits and pieces and stored them along the way.
For the times when he would no longer be around.

But now I’m asking you baby, “What am I to do?”
When I wanna fly but my wings their tied and bound.
Alright you weren’t the one but tell me, why did you run?
I need someone here to keep me safe and sound.

I feel torn from end to end nobody likes to start again.
But it was part of the package when you made the deal.
Faces come and faces go but it’s the ones you didn’t take time to know,
Will haunt you until your journeys end.

I’ve walked up and down these stairs too long. Somehow I feel I don’t belong.
Did the wind whisper my name but not too clear.
Should I pack up this guitar and just leave yesterday behind.
With you at my back with just a tear.



Copyright 1991
Jeff Pike Music/BMI

Recorded live at The Red Light Café in Atlanta, Georgia
January 7, 2001

Jeff Pike – Guitar and Vocal
Koney Ferrell – Bass Guitar and Background Vocal

Produced by Jeff Pike

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