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November 17, 2019

Hello Friends,

It appears to have been quite some time since I shared some A1A news with everyone, so before the holidays commence, I wanted to touch base.

The first thing I want to share with you is that we have a brand new website. The address is still the same ( but it is still under some serious construction. Given the fact that we are 28 years old, I can most likely say that it will be under construction long after I am gone! There is so much history to put up there it is mind-boggling. So please come back often and see what we have added.

Speaking of new content, we are working on editing new audio and video to add to the website and to use for promotional material. We hired our good friend Josh Jachles of Jakyl Films to shoot the entire last concert of our 2019 season in Grayson, Georgia on October 5. Josh brought out a full 10 camera shoot for us and we all had a fantastic evening. We are hoping to have all of the new footage up on the website before the New Year.

Once again the season totally flew by and I cannot believe it is almost December. The last thing I remember is last February when I was looking at my extremely full calendar which lies ahead for 2019 and wondering how in the world I would get through it all. Blink of an eye and it is Thanksgiving. I still can’t get my head around the passing of time.

At any rate, we had an absolutely amazing year. All of the shows were fantastic, the band was superb and we made a lot more wonderful memories.  I want to thank everyone who is involved in and around A1A for none of it could happen without them. I am blessed and very proud to be surrounded by the best musicians and sound engineers I have ever known and it is always a treat when I take the stage with them. Of course, the most important people are the people who come to our shows, book the band and who have stood beside us since it all started back in 1991. Our 30 year anniversary will be coming up in 2021 and I look forward to a big celebration. In the meantime, there is still work to be done and fun to be had. So let’s party with a purpose and we look forward to seeing you again in 2020!

Let’s get tropical,







October 8, 2019

I am sitting here in the middle of the second week of October, scratching my head and trying to come to terms with how fast the spring and summer zoomed by me. 2019 was filled with much work, a ton of stress, a good bit of traveling, and even, believe it or not, a little relaxation. A lot of happy. A lot of sad. I have been looking forward to the second week in October for a long time, but in all honesty, it looked five years away just a few short months ago. Looking back today, everything that has happened this past year seems to be a blur. Thinking more in-depth on that, it makes me quite sad and frustrated, but at least I made it through, right?

September and this past weekend brought to a close the A1A and Abba Mania season for 2019. I am not going to be doing many more shows for the rest of 2019. However, that does not mean I will not be working. I have plenty to do to fill my time. We have new Jeff Pike and A1A websites under construction, and I am already working on dates for 2020. I am recording my new album with Gino Vannelli during April and May of 2020, and I have a vast amount of prep work to do before that project begins. Work on planning the album, packaging, marketing, promotion, and a live show to promote it also has to get underway. That in itself is much more work than I even want to think about at the moment. I also want to get some well-needed practice, writing, and recording done on some of my material over the next few months before I hit the road with ABBA MANIA in January. Check out the Event Calendar for more info on upcoming dates.

Me and G - August 2019

 Me and Gino Vannelli
August 2019

I have spent far too little time learning new songs, writing, and recording for far too long, and I am feeling the constant need to get back to it these days. Free time will also help me get more exercise and personal time – time I desperately need. The clock is moving my friends quickly, and I continuously feel the push of change. The creature inside who fights me has always been afraid of change, and he usually wins. Somehow I need to find a way to put him back in his cage finally. Well, since October is a month for monsters, perhaps I will give him to the first of the month. Then I may contact Stephen King and see if he would like to take him off my hands.

Happy Haunting Season to all,




September 10, 2019

Ouch. It has been a long time since I caught you up on my life. Sorry about that. For those of you who are interested make your way over to my blog, “A Word From Jeff” and check out the latest. I figured instead of filling up this page with updates over the past few months I would write a new blog. Hope you enjoy it and that you had a great summer!


March 6, 2019

MOTB 2019


I want to thank Bill Connolly and everyone involved in making Music On The Bay 2019 the enormous success that it was. I could not have asked for a better weekend filled with great music, friends, and fans old and new. I am so very grateful and blessed to have had this great opportunity and am already looking forward to 2020.


February 21, 2019

It is difficult to believe that it has been almost 53 years since The Monkees first appeared on National Television and released their very first album. Being only five years old at the time I did not become aware of The Monkees until their television show went into syndication on Saturday mornings in 1971. At the time I was in the 4th grade. From the very first time I saw and heard them, I became immediately absorbed by their insane comedy and their music. As generations have gone by The Monkees, have become different things to different people of all ages. For me every time I watch their TV show and listen to their music I can close my eyes and feel the emotions of being a young boy full of excitement and dreams of my life ahead. I have loved The Monkees music all of my life. Being able to share that love with my daughter when she was a young girl brought an even warmer personal joy for me to the world that was The Monkees. Today we lost Peter Tork, and while I am sad at losing another one of my childhood heroes, be that as it may, I am grateful and blessed for the lifetime of music, laughs, dreams and memories that Peter helped give to so many other people in the world and me.




January 31, 2019


Abba Mania 2018 #1

Well, it is time to put away my Hawaiian shirt and flip-flops and pull out my satin pants and high heel boots as I prepare to hit the road again today with ABBA MANIA. Time is flying so fast these days it just seems like just last week that we played our last show of 2018. We have more dates on our tour this year scattered all over the country, and we are all super excited to hit the road. Although, it has gotten off to a very rocky start due to the severe inclement weather hitting the Northern part of America, which also happens to be our first stop.

I feel so blessed to be a part of this incredible production. To have the opportunity to travel the country and perform in some of the most beautiful venues and theaters in America. I can’t begin to say enough good things about each and every person in our entourage. The laughs, good times and the music bestowed upon me during our annual tours are memories I will always treasure.

I hope you will check out my event calendar at and come to a show near you. I also encourage you to keep up with the tour through my Facebook Artist Page at

See you on the road



May 23, 2018

In the summer of 1992 while playing Sharky’s in Panama City Beach, Florida, I made friends with Rick Bauman, a local sailor and music lover. We became great friends and still are to this day. Rick went on to become a master luthier and last week he surprised me with one of my prized possessions. A beautiful one of a kind handcrafted acoustic guitar made and personalized especially for me. A1A pearl inlay on the neck, a beautiful Parrot inlaid on the headstock and my Jeff Pike Logo on the pickguard.fantastic news. THANK YOU, Rick, for your friendship and for the amazing guitar. I am very honored and will treat her like a lady.

Me, Rick and my Guitar - 5-23-18


March 14, 2018


ABBA MANIA 2018 North American Tour

27 shows/ 38 days, 15,000 miles traveled via tour bus, 35,000 tickets sold coast to coast and countless memories made.

I feel so blessed to be a part of this incredible production. To have the opportunity to travel the country and perform in some of the most beautiful venues and theaters in America. I can’t begin to say enough good things about each and every person in our entourage. The laughs, good times and the music once again bestowed upon me memories I will always treasure.

Most importantly, an enormous thank you for the unbelievable love and support we all felt at every single show from the audiences and venues. It indeed was amazing, and I wished it had lasted longer.

Putting away my satin and platforms for another year. Keep the disco ball lit.

Abba Mania at The Fox Theater #2

Abba Mania at The Fox Theater #3



March 13, 2018

On behalf of myself and the band I want to extend deep and heartfelt thanks to Bill and Helen Connolly, the entire board of MOTB 2018 and all of the passionate trop rock music lovers who blew us away this weekend. The energy, friendship, enthusiasm, love and support that continues to grow for A1A twenty-seven years into our career is mind-boggling and deeply humbling for me. I can’t thank everyone enough for the magical memories you have given us.


A1A at MOTB 2018 #1


January 23, 2018

Hey everyone. I am off today to hop on the glitter covered Disco Bus for the Abba Mania 2018 Tour. Below are our tour dates. For detailed info and tickets go to I will be posting photos, videos, and updates of the Abba Mania 2018 tour at Come and join the fun starting today.

Abba Mania Schedule


January 2, 2018

Happy New Year! Once again I will be taking to the road as “Benny” in the American Cast of Abba Mania playing music I have loved all my life in some of the most beautiful theaters in the country. Accompanied by a stage full of world-class musicians this gig is a dream come true. So if you are a fan of the timeless music of Abba as I am, I do hope you can make one of our performances. You can find all of the tour, date, venue and ticket information by going to


Abba Poster


 December 22, 2017


When this song was first released in November 1971, David Cassidy and The Partridge Family were the most popular recording act on the planet. The entire world had Partridge fever, and me being a very impressionable young boy of ten was right in the thick of it. ‘A Partridge Family Christmas Card’ quickly became my favorite Christmas album and remains so to this day. With each passing year since that 1971 Christmas of long ago, the first thing I do on Thanksgiving Eve to welcome in the Christmas season is to put on my original vinyl copy of ‘A Partridge Family Christmas Card.’ I sit down, close my eyes and immerse myself in all of the warm Christmas memories that this music has given me throughout my lifetime. ‘My Christmas Card To You’ is very close to me and I have longed to record the song. With the recent and untimely passing of David Cassidy, I realized that the time was now. Enjoy my version of ‘A Christmas Card To You’ and may it make your Christmas memories a little brighter.


November 27, 2017

As many of you probably know, David Cassidy had an enormous impact and influence on my life from a very young age. Quite simply put he is the reason I am an entertainer and a musician today. We lost David on November 21, 2017, and I have found myself still oddly lost for words. I will share with you my full feelings and experiences with David Cassidy and his music on a future date. But for now, join me tonight on Island Time Radio with your host, Dennis King and special guest Johnny Ray Miller, author of ‘When We’re Singin – The Music of The Partridge Family’ for a tribute to David Cassidy.

David Cassidy


Hosted by DK the DJ
WBWC 88.3 FM in Cleveland, Ohio
On the web join us at & the Tune in app (search WBWC)



November 14, 2017

I have been working and studying very hard for the past year to obtain my Professional Certificate in Pro Tools Recording from Berklee College Of Music Online. Today I received my Official Certificate and I wanted to share it. Does anybody need a Pro Tools engineer for their next project?

IMG_3716 (1)


November 9, 2017

My lifelong idol, Gino Vannelli and I have the opportunity to work together on my next CD/Album. Gino wishes to produce, arrange and record new versions of 12 of his classic songs using members of his band and me as lead vocalist. I cannot begin to tell you how much this means to me. You can be an integral and necessary part of this lifelong dream and unique album by joining my Kickstarter team. Join us and be part of the magic.



Me and Gino - 2017 (475x640)



October 3, 2017

Tom Petty 1950-2017


Goodnight Tom. Your raw rock and roll spirit and intelligence combined with the music that you made will be heavily missed. Your departure leaves a big hole in what is left of true American rock and roll heroes and the dreams we dreamed in the youth of my generation. For more of my thoughts on Tom Petty check out my blog, ‘Remembering Blue Jeans and Tom Petty.


October 2, 2017

We are living in an ever degrading society which is slowly drowning us in a cesspool of violence, immorality, blatant self-importance, disrespect and extreme political correctness. We rely on and hide behind our rapid technological advances so much that it appears we are becoming less educated, social, civilized and honestly informed with each passing year. When I was a young man, the kind of world we are living in only existed in science fiction and horror novels. I never dreamed or even entertained the thought that it would one day be our reality. My deep prayers and thoughts go out to everyone in Las Vegas, Nevada today during this troubled time.


August 13, 2017

Today would have been Dan Fogelberg’s 66th Birthday and tonight he is being inducted to The Colorado Music Hall of Fame at Fiddlers Green Amphitheater in Colorado. Check out my new blog that I posted today – Celebrating The Life, Legacy, and Music of Dan Fogelberg.


July 14, 2017

                                   July 1963 - July 2017


I want to thank all of my family, friends and fans who wished me a Happy Birthday yesterday. There were many and it really meant a lot to me. I had a good day which I spent by myself relaxing, resting and not working. We can leave it at that and move on or for those of you who would like to know in detail how I spent my Birthday the rest of this post is for you. 🙂

After sleeping late, getting dressed and catching up on Facebook I took myself out to eat at Applebees. When I finished lunch I drove down and hung out at Music Go Round for awhile. There I caught up with an old musician friend of mine I had not seen in awhile and bought some banjo picks. Upon leaving Music Go Round I took a very old original John Lennon poster I have had since the 1970’s over to Michaels to get framed.

Heck, I even made some money yesterday. I took all of my loose change that I throw in a jar at the end of the day over to the coin exchange and made over $400.00! To end the day my family took me out to eat and Ashton Pike and Carol Hildebrand gave me an awesome gift. The complete DVD Box Set of the original Batman TV Series. 🙂 Growing older but not up. 😉 Time for a Batman party.

So again, a huge loving thank you to everyone online and in the flesh that made my Birthday very special. 🙂



July 6, 2017

I performed with A1A at The Mall of Georgia on July 4 celebrating our nations Independence Day and had a very good time. We used to play there every year back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, closing out their concert series when they still had one. In fact, it was much like our annual end of the season concerts in Norcross, Georgia at Thrasher Park which we are still doing today.  Just like our shows at Norcross we would always pack the place out. I also usually had my daughter onstage with me playing a little hand percussion and sometimes singing. She was just a little girl then. She has since graduated college and has a great job in Atlanta. So taking that stage again on July 4 after so many years was a little emotional. Time is such a mysterious force on the soul. But in our grand style we gave a strong, energetic show and once again brought the house down. After our show I sang the National Anthem and then there was a fireworks display. Due to the amount of people that came to this event it took us hours to break down and finally get out of the parking lot just to get home. But it was worth it. Once again good musical memories were made. I hope everyone had a safe holiday.



Jeff Pike #1

Jeff, Tommy and Foe

June 12, 2017

As a lifelong musician born and raised in the South the music and influence of Gregg Allman and The Allman Brothers Band is almost part of my DNA. I visited Rose Hill Cemetery in Macon, Georgia on Saturday, June 10 to pay my respects to the late Gregg Allman. The video below was taken not far from Gregg’s grave at the resting place of Elizabeth Reed, a secluded location down by the railroad track where the band would hang out, jam, party and write songs together.

To get out my guitar and perform a song here on this special occasion was a very moving experience. There was a noticeable thickness in the air yet a sense of calmness and peace prevailed. Out of respect I had initial doubts on whether or not I should do it, but in looking back I am glad that I did.

Gregg was a rare original. Demons and all. The musical void he left cannot be filled so celebrate his life and treasure the music he so lovingly gave the world.

 Jeff Pike – Midnight Rider – Rose Hill Cemetery – June 10, 2017

19030285_10159007570850294_8600574316700347774_n (1)



March 15, 2017

In February 2017 the first ever official 90 minute documentary about the Parrot Head Phenomenon (Jimmy Buffett Fans) was released. Me and my band A1A had a huge part in the formation and growth of this amazing curiosity. Check out my new blog for more information.


January 27, 2017

While there is a lot of catching up to do I am only posting a quick note today to let you know that I have updated my ‘Music’ page here on by adding to the catalogue of CD’s I have made over the years. These updates also include CD’s by other artist’s I have produced and been involved with. I am adding music and information daily so come back often and give me a spin.


December 15, 2016


It is a beautiful and crisp December morning here in Atlanta. It is the kind of morning that makes you feel good to be alive when you walk outside, look into the sky, breathe the chilly air and upon exhale watch your breath fade quickly out of sight. One second it is there and the next it is gone. I was outside this morning meditating on those thoughts, pondering my own problems and filling my heart with gratitude for the day when I heard that I had lost an old friend during the night. My heart sank and my eyes filled with tears when I heard of the passing of Stan ‘The Man’ Bowen.

I have known Stan for well over 20 years or more, ever since the beginning and initial success of A1A. Looking back there was rarely a performance, convention, phlocking or get together we played where Stan wasn’t onstage with us sometime during the evening. From the very first time I met Stan and we got to know each other I realized what a kind, gentle, caring and authentic soul he was. We shared many good times, laughs, drinks and music over the years. I will miss him. Stan had a rare uniqueness about him that I don’t see much of these days. He was a friend to all with a big heart, big spirit and a contagious smile.

As sad as it is to lose Stan during the Christmas season I feel in a way it is appropriate. It is a time to celebrate life, birth and new beginnings. Stan has been reborn and is celebrating the season much better than we are able to at the moment. May this thought bring his friends and family some sort of peace and comfort in the days to come.


November 24, 2016

I have to admit to you and to myself that I really need to get better at posting updates here on my website. It is SO easy for Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram and oh yea – LIFE to get in the way of keeping up your own website. (Which in reality is much more important than all the rest of the little social media time suckers) The responsibility of running a self employed life is much too much for one or even two people to successfully accomplish, especially when you are trying to make a living as a musician. As all artists know you need an entire team working 7 days a week to even make a facsimile of a dent. Sadly, most do not have that much time or income at their disposal so we all make due and do the best we can. There, that was my apology. I will promise yet again to do better as 2016 draws to a close and 2017 rears its lil’ newborn head.

Hmm…but now that I think about it I will probably owe you another apology next time around for I don’t have enough time to catch you up on all that has been going on since my last update in August. Whew!!! So for now I will just wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Holiday Season.

As for you will notice that I have changed the 4 songs on the front page so go and listen to them. I have also tweeked a few things here and there. It is not much I know, but just so you know, moving forward I am going to be posting the majority of my updates, news and spending most of my time on as opposed to Facebook, so please come back and visit me often……and bring chocolate….


 August 10, 2016

I bet you thought I snuck off and died didn’t you? Or perhaps that I joined a Partridge Family Tribute Show and ran away. Well, nothing of the sort has happened. I am here. Alive and well. Still rocking and rolling whether you like it or not.  I do have to sheepishly admit however that I have neglected my updates here on my main website for quite some time. I hope you will accept my apologies and that my absence has not caused a major disruption in the flow of your recreational, musical entertainment consumption. So, I will try and keep this update short  as to not offend the short attention span majority. Ok? Good, so let us catch up…

In December 2015 the band and I were lucky enough to be invited to The Grand Cayman Islands to perform at a private birthday party for Adrien Briggs. Mr. Briggs owns the vast majority of the island so it goes without saying he is a local and well respected dignitary. He is also an A1A fan, so everyone treated us marvelously. I had the grand opportunity to take my daughter with me and we all spent a few days in The Grand Caymans over the Christmas Holidays. I remember swimming with the stingrays in the warm Caribbean water on December 23rd thinking ‘this does NOT feel like Christmas’, but it sure felt wonderful.

I arrived home just in time to celebrate Christmas and then head out to Hollywood, California for the last week of Christmas and New Year’s Eve, with Abba Mania at The El Portal Theater.  They love us there and our shows are always sold out. I had a wonderful time and even though I missed being home for New Year’s Eve, it was a very special treat to spend that time with my Abba Mania band mates and a theater full of fans in Hollywood.

After a short couple of weeks at home we went out again on January 24th and returned home on March 7th. Being on tour with Abba Mania is a real treat and I am very grateful for my band members, the beautiful venues, the wonderful audiences (virtually every show has been sold out) and the experience of seeing the country in style, play music I enjoy and get paid very well to boot.

On April 7, 2016 the band and I were given the pristine honor of being Jimmy Buffett’s band for the evening at a small and elite private party for The World Surf League at The West Lake Country Club in Augusta, Georgia. We are celebrating our 25th birthday this year so it was an extra special treat for A1A to perform with Jimmy Buffett and Mac McAnally. Jimmy was very cool, kind, appreciative, professional and complimentary, which really made me feel good. Everything felt natural and fit just like a glove and I even got to spend some quality time with him after the show.

When the evening was over I felt a ‘full circle’ feeling of accomplishment surround me. A feeling I have been experiencing a lot of this year. It was a very special evening with the band that I will always cherish.

While we are talking about A1A and Jimmy Buffett now is the time to let you know that there is a full length documentary movie called ‘Parrot Heads’, which is coming out in November of this year. I have not previewed it yet but from what I hear there is a lot of me and A1A and our  history included in the film, I will let you know nearer the time when it is going to be released.

In late May, A1A flew out to Hawaii to play at the beautiful St. Regis Princeville Resort in Princeville on the island of Kuai. We were there to perform at an annual convention for Optimum Health Care and they treated us very well. We got to stay for a few days and everyone thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Kuai is one of my favorite places on earth and it was very hard to come home. I do so look forward to returning….

So yea…full circle. Oh yea, adding to that I thought I would share with you that I  turned 55 on July 13th and my daughter turned 21 on April 19th. I had a wonderful Birthday Benefit Celebration Concert with The Jeff Pike Band for ‘Atlanta Plays It Forward’ and ‘SERV International,’ at Chukkar Farms Polo Club in Alpharetta, Georgia that was well attended and very successful.

On July 23rd I had the opportunity to perform with The Alice Cooper Tribute Show as the executioner, put Alice in a strait jacket and also be Donald Trump! A serious boyhood rock and roll fantasy was mine for a night and I will never forget it…Remember ‘The Coop’…

So while I am feeling a bit old and strange by the fact that my daughter graduates college in less than a year and I am now an Official AARP card carrying senior citizen, I am appreciative and grateful. I try to keep an attitude of gratitude about me every day now, put the past in the past and look towards to the future and my next adventure. It is not always easy , but I do think something has shifted. I just hope it wasn’t my back, or my knee, or my elbow, or my neck, or my…blah, blah, blah….:-)

Ok, it is bed time for Bonzo. Thank you for your time, your ears and the years…:-)

Lights out…



November 25, 2015

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and with all of the insanity going on in the world I am finding it easier on the grand scale to find a lot to be thankful for in my world. I shamefully admit more than I sometimes do on a regular basis. Hmm…I think I am going to let that idea stew a little bit for a future blog and just get right into what is new. So come back soon, ok?. 🙂

Well first things first. I have uploaded 2 new demos here today that I am excited about. One being for my project ‘Souvenirs,‘ which is a tribute to Dan Fogelberg. The other is for ‘Madmen Across The Water‘, a tribute to the classic era of Elton John.  You can find more information on these projects by going to my ‘Musical Projects’ page here at But I am so excited that I am going to put the link right here so I can make it easy for you.
So here we go….:-)

A Tribute to the Classic Era of Elton John

A Tribute to the Musical Legacy of Dan Fogelberg

Well, what did you think? Did you enjoy those? I certainly hope so.  Both acts are available for private parties, house concerts and corporate events. We will also be trying to set up some local performances also. As I mentioned before you can find more information by going to my ‘Musical Projects’ page here at Well, I need to run out the door to my Dads house so I need to wrap this up. I will probably come back tomorrow with a new blog. Until then, keep the turkey warm.



November 11, 2015

Happy Veterans Day

In the grand scheme of things I know and believe we are all Gods children and that we all share this earth as one. Countries, cultures, race, religion, ethnic differences and greed, to me, seem to be the worldly obstacles that have forever divided us. In a perfect world all of that would cease to exist and there would be peace. But that has never been the case with mankind. Unfortunately, there has always been war. Hopefully, one day it will end. But until when and if that day comes we will need brave, selfless and passionate men and women with the tools, courage and strength to stand up and fight for God and Country. Today we salute the men and women who have given their time and in many cases their lives for our country. Men and women who allow us to live a life of freedom here in The United States of America. God bless our veterans. Please show them the honor and respect that they all deserve, today and everyday.


October 12, 2015

Welcome To October. My Month of Change

Welcome to my favorite month of the year friends – October. For me, the emotions, thoughts, memories and moods which the colors, events, music and weather of October effortlessly flow into me always make this month both a  joyful and a melancholy time in my life. I have had many personal events throughout my life happen in the month of October. None of them seem to fade as years go by. In fact, many just grow stronger. As for the Holidays of the seasons,  Halloween has always been my favorite. I celebrate it much differently these days, and usually alone, but I do hold court on Halloween one way or another.

As for music news, the A1A season is winding down and I am getting ready for my hibernating season, so to speak. With the exception of some solo performances and a couple of Jeff Pike Band shows I have no more travels coming up and am looking forward to staying home to work on music and a new me for 2016.

To fill up my time during A1A’s off season I have been rehearsing a lot of Dan Fogelberg music for ‘Souvenirs’, my tribute to Dan with pianist Kenny Kirby. I have also been working with A1A keyboardist Eric Baumgardner on putting together a tribute duo to Elton John. We are concentrating on a vast number of classic Elton’s album tracks along with many of his hits. These are two projects I have always wanted to undertake and I am very excited about both of them.

On a personal note, 2015 has been a year in my life that I will never forget, yet one that I will be glad to see grow distant in my rear view mirror. It has been a year steeped with great change, loss, pain, fear, heartache, misunderstanding, broken dreams and struggle. And yet, it has brought me much gratitude and a clearer understanding and awareness of myself. In some ways I am still searching, but in other ways this year has helped crystallize within me the true understanding of what I have and what I want for the second part of my life. I won’t lie to you. I still feel like I am drifting, or at best steering with one oar, but I am starting to see dry land appearing in the distance.  Like John Chrighton from the Sci Fi Series, ‘Farscape,’ I am living on hope. Hope keeps me going.

So hopefully 2016 will be another year of change. Change for the good. A year of new music, new work, new goals, new dreams, new friends and new memories. But hey, I am getting ahead of myself aren’t I? Halloween is just around the corner. Gotta run….I feel the darkness calling…Boo..



August 19, 2015

Jeff Pike and A1A Summer 2015 Update

Noticing that it has been awhile since my last update, I figured there was no time like the present to let everyone know what I have been up to this summer with A1A. I am pleased to say that our spring and summer so far have proven to be quite successful. It has also proven to be very HOT. Yes, this has indeed been a sweltering season down here in good ole’ Hotlanta. Seeing that the majority of our shows are outside we all have lost a little weight…uh..I think..:-)
The last half of 2014 and all of 2015 has been a huge year of change for A1A, and not all of our changes have been at all easy or pleasant. Yes, it has been a really tough year of growth in many ways. But they say out of great pain, change and struggle that great success is possible. Looking where the band is today as we sit here in the dog days of 2015, I can say this to be true. All of our shows this year have been extremely well attended and our popularity seems to keep right on moving. For this I am eternally grateful. We have had many people come up and tell us that they have never heard the band sound any better than it does now. That really means a lot and has given us all an excitement for what lies ahead.
I have updated the photo section at with many photos from some of the shows we have done this year. I invite you to check them out so you can share some of our memories with us. I have also added photos to our Facebook page. So get your social media hat on, grab a margarita, sit down and catch up with us. Then drop us a line and give us your thoughts. Also, don’t forget to sign up for our mailing list. Thanks for everyone who has been out to see us this year. But the year is not over yet and there is still music and memories to be made. So check our concert calendar and make it out to a show. I look forward to performing for you. 🙂

Let’s Get Tropical!

Jeff Pike


July 14, 2015

I want to thank everyone for all of the Birthday wishes yesterday. I received many Facebook posts, private messages, voice mails, e-mails and text messages. All of which I spent time with. This years Birthday was light years from where I was last year, and to quote a working title for a CD that I have been wanting to release for sometime now, “I’m Not Where I Thought I’d Be.” So given that state of mind and being I chose to spend my Birthday yesterday alone in prayer, reflection, recovery and gratitude. Not quite the Birthday celebration of old, or even recent years past, but I think it did me good. Thanks to everyone again for taking the time to wish me a Happy Birthday. Each and every wish definitely helped brighten my day. Here’s looking at 55 in 2016.

Wishing you love and luck,



April 20, 2015

Well, I have to say that the A1A gig this past Saturday evening at Pinckney Hall in Bluffton, South Carolina turned out a lot different than we thought it was going to. The event was for a Del Webb retirement community and it was their first Parrot Head Function. Being a 55 and older retirement community I don’t think we were expecting the kind of party and reception that we received. Much to our surprise, the entire event was sold out and the hall and attendants were decorated to the hilt. With party attitudes to match! They stayed all night, danced pretty much nonstop and had one of the best conga lines I have ever seen. It was a fantastic evening and everyone enjoyed themselves immensely.

The band looked and sounded wonderful and we were all very happy with the gig. I want to send out special thanks to and Kathy Mullen for help with the BEAUTIFUL new backdrops that came in just in time for the gig this weekend. Absolutely stunning! You two really made it shine. Also thanks to Vance for getting us a trailer, and for Wayne and Eric in helping with rehearsals and sets while I have been absent for the past few weeks. The extra effort everyone has put forth is paying off and it is greatly appreciated, by me and the audience. Nothing can be finer than to be in Carolina…..with cheeseburgers.

Let’s get tropical!

Jeff Pike
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April 14, 2015

I want to thank everyone who came out to our annual Tiki Bar Opening show at The Wing in Marietta, Georgia this past weekend. Wayne Viar, Chris Blackwell, Rick Meeder and Nico G. were off the chain good. And speaking of Nico G, it was a nice treat to have Nico Gutierrez performing with us again for the evening. Everyone, the band and the audience was all the better for it. I have to tell you that the musicianship and energy onstage was spellbinding. Hell, even Wayne and Rick smiled most of the night! (And that is rare) Quite frankly, I just wanted to sit down and watch. I have to tell you that I am constantly amazed, blessed and sometimes spellbound at the world class talented musicians who are willing to perform in my band.

A big thanks to all of my old friends from The Atlanta Parrot Head Club that came out, just like they do every year for this party. Unfortunately, like last year the only uninvited guest was the rain. Hopefully sometimes between now and next year The Wing will fix the holes in their roof. Aside from that, it was a wonderful night. Heck, I even got to sing some “Fernando”. 🙂 I guess there was something in the air that night…

Jeff Pike


April 13, 2015

I want to personally thank everyone who made the effort to attend our memorial gathering for Hugo Duarte this past Saturday in North Carolina. A lot of people made huge sacrifices to be there and it was very touching. The weather was beautiful and the venue ended up being absolutely perfect for the occasion. Anne Marie Wotkyns did a stellar job in pulling this together and she deserves a huge hug from everyone. Having all of Hugo’s family there was appropriately touching, and in looking back, it seems that everyone who was supposed to be there, was there. All in all it was a perfect afternoon. Hats off to Mark Perrou and Jonathan Billings for helping with the sound and entertainment, Andy Forsyth for recording the event for Beachfront Radio, Kathy Mullen for logistics, and one last thank you to everyone for coming. If Hugo had been with us I am sure he would have approved. So now as we move on with our lives, let us keep the music and spirit of Hugo with us. Share it with those who were not fortunate enough to know him or see him perform, and always remember the good times.

Jeff Pike


February 13, 2015

Well friends it is that time again. Disco time. Time to put on my silk and satin and jump into my time machine. The destination is 1979 when the music of Abba ruled the airwaves.

I am looking forward to going out on tour again with Abba Mania next month. You can find all of the concert dates, venue and ticket information on my events page here at Put on your platform shoes and make it to a show and help me make it 1979 all over again.

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January 5, 2015

Well, here it is the first week of 2015 and I honestly cannot believe it. Even though we are warned by our elders throughout our entire life at how faster time goes by when you get older, I don’t think anyone ever really believes it until they get there. Well, at least that has been my experience.

I do hope that your Christmas season and New Years Eve were pleasant. Mine definitely was. Aside from having  the great opportunity to perform with The Rhythm Jets and Mercy Myra at The SERV Ball in Atlanta, I was blessed with the good fortune of spending a lot of time with my family and my girlfriend, more so than usual than in recent years past. It was absolutely wonderful. It all just went so fast. I really do wish that it had lasted a lot longer…But it didn’t and we are now 5 days into a New Year with a lot to do.

I have some new stuff coming with A1A over the next couple of weeks so keep an eye on us at,, and

I am also writing and recording some new original music to be released later on during the year.

In case you were not already aware, (and I am sure  most of you are) I am very active on many social media platforms. I would love it if you followed and engaged with me in conversation or posts. Most of all I would love to share my musical world with you. Below is a list for you to use. So what are you waiting for? Click on the links below and follow me! 🙂

2014 was a year filled with of a lot of changes in my life and I am hoping to implement many more in 2015. I hope you will join me, and I wish you also a year of change, prosperity and happiness. Thank you for your time, and your ears. See you at the gig, or on the web.



December 31, 2014

My 2 Cents For New Years Eve and New Years Day

In the coming year and from this point forward take time to reflect and be honest with yourself. Make a conscious effort to be open to love, acceptance, self awareness, growth, education, change and moving out of denial. Regardless of how difficult it is. Create your own destiny. Don’t sit by and wait for it to happen to you. Your thoughts, be them positive or negative do have a serious impact on your life. Get out of your comfort zone, broaden your horizon and really live. Take care of your health. Quit smoking. Quit or moderate your drinking. Life is very short and another year has just passed us by. Turn off your TV, computer and cell phone. Read a book, get outside, exercise or pick up a musical instrument. Talk to people. Make every minute of 2015 and the rest of your life – count.

I thank you all for being a part of my life for so many years, and I wish everyone a safe, prosperous and happy new year.


December 22, 2014

Here is a free Christmas song from me to you at the start of this Christmas week. I sincerely wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas. May your Holiday Season and New Year be filled with hope and the beauty of dreams. Life is short. Remember to tell those you love, just how much you love them every chance that you get. Enjoy and share with your friends and family. – Jeff Pike


December 16, 2014

Seven years ago today we lost Dan Fogelberg. Check out my blog that I posted this morning in his memory.


October 13, 2014

Two very cool things have happened this month. I have been selected to represent SERV International as a SERV Supporting artist, and, I will be hitting the road again with Abba Mania at the end of this month. Two new blogs here at will give you all of the details. Check them out and let me know what you think! Happy Halloween Season!


September 7, 2014

I have updated my Biography here on and would love for you to take a look at it and give me your thoughts. Also, I would like to say here that while a lot of my current website is up to date, I do realize that certain things, like lots of photos, are missing. Learning Word Press and finding the time to add a lifetime of photographs and videos has proven to be a task that I don’t think I was ready for. It is still on the table, but for now please visit my Facebook pages for literally thousands of pictures of me. More updates coming soon!


 August 13, 2014

August 13, 1951 – December 16, 2007

As usual, like I do every year on this day, I want to start this August 13 morning out by paying tribute to the Birthday of a man whose music and lyrics changed me forever. I cannot imagine what my life and music would have been like had he not shared with us what he did. And had I not discovered his music on one fine spring day in 1978. Happy Birthday, Dan…wherever you are. For those of us who were lucky enough to have been touched by you and/or your music, you are still sorely missed.


July 7, 2014

My I have had a busy summer so far. I am having difficulty believing that we are already in July and that my Birthday is next week. While I am very glad to be alive and healthy I am not too thrilled about being another year older. But it beats the alternative.

Since my last update in May I have pretty much been working non-stop. Close to 7 days a week in fact.  Aside from all of my solo dates, private functions and A1A shows I have had close to a full time residency at Bahama Breeze in Kennesaw, Georgia, with occasional shows at the Alpharetta and the Duluth location. Due to corporate policy I am unable to post these dates on my website. Please check out for locations and performance schedules.

I hope that everyone had a safe and joyous July 4 weekend. Mine was slam packed with 3 great nights of entertainment. A1A played to over 20,000 people in two days and I got to chill out with a relaxing gig at Bahama Breeze on Sunday, July 6. The A1A shows were amazing and it is great seeing the band coming back together. We have new direction, new blood and a lot of changes in store for 2015. I am very excited. Stay tuned and visit us online at

I have started writing again and am currently tossing around ideas for the theme, songs,  feel and  approach that I will take for my next CD. While I cannot expand on that right now I can tell you this. It will be a small live band recording and Vance
Kelly will be producing. Recording is slated to take place at Vance Kelly Studios in Cumming, Georgia. No release date is available at the moment.

Well, that is about it for now. Be sure and check out my weekly updates on Facebook, Soundcloud, YouTube and Reverbnation. Please join my mailing list and share my music with your friends. Have a great summer!



First, I want to wish everyone a very Happy Memorial Day. I know that you most likely have fun filled plans with  friends and family, but please take some time out of your day to recognize, respect and say a prayer for the brave men and women in uniform who have given their lives for our Country.

Moving on. I apologize for being delinquent in my website updates over the past couple of months.  I have been very, very busy since returning home from the second leg of The Abba Mania American Tour. The rest of the summer is looking even busier, and even though it may sound  like I’m complaining, I’m really not. Being busy is a good thing. Especially in my line of work. Aside from myself, my manager Kathy has been swamped too.  But don’t think for a minute that we have been slacking off. Amidst our busy schedules we have been  working on a new social network plan, plans for this website, plans for writing, recording and performing in 2015, marketing, promo, taking care of fund raising for our dear friend, Hugo Duarte while he battles cancer, keeping me working and restructuring parts of my responsibilities in my band A1A also. So yea, we have been pretty busy. But like I said, that is a good thing as long as it is balanced and managed well with the other aspects of what it takes to have a full, complete and healthy life.

So, having said all of that let me catch you up a little bit. I returned home from the second leg of The Abba Mania North American Tour during the second week of April. I have to tell you that I had the most amazing time out on the road with Abba Mania. So much so that I really didn’t want it to end. I had the opportunity to play with some astounding musicians, play some beautiful theaters and venues all across the country and be part of a highly successful, professional and friendly touring organization. To top it off I was playing music that I absolutely adore every night. Sure can’t beat that now can you? With any luck I will get the call to return in 2015. But even if I don’t, it was an experience that I will always remember and treasure.  You can see pictures of the tour here on

Jumping back into my life in the middle of April the first two things on my plate were celebrating my daughter’s 19th Birthday and my 4th year of sobriety and self awareness with my Recovery Family at Hebron Community Church in Dacula, Georgia. I could not have asked for a better experience after having just come off the road with Abba Mania and I once again remind myself that I truly am a blessed man.

Well, it is now the end of May, which means that summer is pretty much upon us and that I am gearing up for more performances with A1A, and more solo shows at Bahama Breeze, Fish Tales and Hemingway’s.  For more information on A1A please check out our Facebook page and our website at  All of my Hemingway’s and Fish Tales shows are listed on my Events page, but due to corporate policy my Bahama Breeze dates in Georgia are not. I encourage you to join my e-mail list if you would like to be kept abreast of my Bahama Breeze dates for the summer. To do so just send me an e-mail at Or you can always visit their website at

As I mentioned at the beginning of this update we are working hard on figuring out and implementing a new social network plan. More important than that we are striving to be much more active here at on a regular basis. In the meantime, if you enjoy what I offer I would ask you to please follow me on Twitter, Instagram and check out my Reverbnation and Sound Cloud pages. Also, on a very important note we are trying hard to get more listeners to my Facebook/Fan Artist page. It helps us track our progress and looks good to industry people. So if you haven’t already I ask you to please like my page and be sure to turn on your notifications. (very important) Your help with all this will go a lot further than you think.

Well, in trying to keep it short I will say that is about it for now. I know it is Memorial Day and that you are probably not working. The last thing you want to do is spend the rest of your day listening to me jabber on and on about myself. So go enjoy some time with your friends and family if you can, and don’t forget the ones who gave up their lives so that we could have the freedom to do so today.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support of my music. It means more than you know.




April 1, 2014

Two new blogs posted in regard to my good friend and musical partner in The Frozen Gringos, Hugo Duarte and his recent diagnosis of esophageal cancer. Please read.

March 25, 2014

Well, I have returned home from the first leg of my first tour with Abba Mania – The Worlds #1 Touring Abba Tribute Show. I had an absolutely wonderful time and am looking forward to heading out again for the second leg of the tour next week.

The entourage and crew who I toured with were all friendly, courteous, professional and an absolute joy to work with. It only got better from there because the transportation, catering, venues, audio and light production were all first rate. The shows were extremely well attended and the audience response was completely frenzied. So all in all I do not think I could have asked for a more enjoyable experience. I will be posting pictures of the first part of the tour very soon so stay tuned! – 


March 5, 2014

I am honored, flattered and over the moon excited to have been asked to perform with The World’s #1 Touring Abba Tribute Show – Abba Mania. I will be performing the part of “Benny” where I will be playing keyboards and singing background vocals for their two week American tour in March and April of 2014.  I have had a deep love for Abba and their music ever since I was a boy so this really is an extraordinary and pleasant surprise. To make it all the better, my friend and drummer in A1A, Wayne Viar will be playing drums on the tour.

Check out the events section here on for detailed information on all of the concert dates I will be doing with Abba Mania, A1A and as a solo artist.  Things are shaping up and it looks like it is going to be a great season. See you on the road!

February 4, 2014

Today is a very special day of rock and roll celebration for me, happy but also bittersweet. Ironically, two of my all time musical heroes and legends of rock and roll left an imprint on our world on this date – February 4.

On February 4, 1948 the world welcomed one Vincent Furnier, also known as Alice Cooper.

On February 4, 1982 we bid farewell to Alex Harvey of The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, who passed away from a heart attack on the eve of his 47th Birthday.

Both of these musicians left an enormous imprint on my rock and roll rebel soul from the very first time I heard each of their own respective works. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have Alice Cooper still with us, alive and well; and I can’t tell you how much Alex Harvey has been missed for the past 31 years.

Love it to death because Vambo Rools….

January 29, 2014

Well, I am sitting here today, snowbound in my domicile of residence in Lawrenceville, Georgia. While staring out the window just now at the white stillness, a long awaited peace came over me. Here is what caused it. Through years of hope and positive thinking I have finally given up. I finally consent to the reality and accept the fact that the state of Georgia will never be prepared for snowfall. Regardless of how much or how little, it really is quite laughable. I am not going to complain too loud though for there is still a bit of childhood fun that my soul receives from being “snowed in.” I do believe though it is only a feeling that we Southerners who are not blessed (or cursed ) with snow on a regular basis, feel and occasionally enjoy. With that said I thought I would just update you a little today on what has been going on this month in my world.

First, I would like to share with you the fact that I am still rocking and reeling from attending the annual APAP Convention in New York City earlier this month. My manager, Kathy Mullen and I were up there in the thick of it for 4 days. We met so many people, made some really useful contacts and saw some tremendous showcases. It was our first time attending this annual global convention and I must say we were awed and overwhelmed. It was a tremendous experience and I hope that we have the chance to be a part of it next year. On another note but also a related one, I am just now learning how to use Word Press and am having some problems with it. This is why I have not had a lot of updated material here on since launching the new website recently. But when I do, I will have a lot of recent pictures from the convention posted for you to enjoy. Speaking of the website, here is a little more current information that may be useful for you.

While the main purpose of this website is to promote my original work there will also be a small part of it that I will use to promote cover gigs. (restaurants, clubs, corporate work, private parties, etc. ) Today I posted a quick impromptu promotional video that I recorded at Bahama Breeze this past week. It came out a lot better than I thought it would so I put it up on the video page for you to enjoy. Feel free to pass it along to anyone you know who books entertainment, for as you may or may not know, I am always looking for work and networking is never done. Thank you for your time today, but before you leave be sure and check out my blog and concert calendar. Hope to see you on the road ( or in the snow ) sometime soon! If you are on the road, travel safe. If you are at home, lounge aggressively.


January 18, 2014

I was very saddened to hear about the passing of actor Dave Madden on January 17.Most people who are familiar with Dave Madden remember him best as the stressed out and lovable manager of The Partridge Family, a television series about a fictitious Pop Group  starring David Cassidy and Shirley Jones which ran from 1970-1974. I was a child of the 70’s and the music of David Cassidy and The Partridge Family were very close to my heart. Check out my most recent blog which was posted on January 18 for my personal thoughts on the passing of Dave Madden. 🙁

January 4, 2014 

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope that the Christmas and Holiday Season was kind, peaceful and generous to you. I know that it was to me. Time with loved ones, food, naps, worship, celebration and personal reflection filled my days and nights over the season. Four days into 2014 I come into this New Year full of hope and with an energetic eagerness for healing and change. I have posted my new blog which expresses my reflections on 2013, where I stand today and my goals for 2014. I hope you will take the time to read it and post your comments and thoughts. Thanks to everyone who enjoys my music and comes out to see me perform. I hope to see you in the audience soon. Again, Happy New Year!

December 11, 2013

It is with great joy and relief that we were able to launch my new website and my first Christmas Single on December 9. Kathy Mullen, Adam Martin and myself have put in months of hard work to get the new up and running in time for the holidays. I am proud to be able to say that we did it! I hope you will take the time to check everything out, e-mail us your thoughts, suggestions and pass it along to all of your friends who you think will enjoy my music. On another note, I am over the moon excited about my first Christmas single, There’s Always Tomorrow” which you can download for $1.99 at the “Download” section here on You can also download it on (Just click here) This song is very special to me and it is my hope that my rendition of this Christmas classic will bring you as much joy as it has to me. Ok, back to my new website. Can you tell I am thrilled? It is going to be a huge work in progress so please come back often. I want this website to encompass everything that has been, is, and will be me as time moves forward.  Facebook is nice but I do want this to be my home. So come visit me often. I encourage you to send me music, pictures, etc. or anything that might help tell my story. It will be much appreciated. A huge thanks to everyone who has stuck with me through the years. 🙂



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