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SERV International – Guest Blog by Kathy Mullen

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“Giving people the opportunity to make a difference” is a statement that holds true to this very day about who and what SERV International is.

 SERV began in May 2000 building outreach centers, churches and meeting spaces in Mexico. We found out in the early years that people were looking for opportunities to serve others and get involved in things that made a difference.

 Years later, SERV expanded into the Dominican Republic, continuing to give others the opportunity to make a difference through various outreach projects and mission trips that were geared toward creating a Christ-centered experience for the Dominican people, as well as for each person serving.

 In 2006, SERV’s founder Steve Kasha and another team member were on a plane to Africa for the very first time with eyes wide open looking for what God would have them to do. Little did they know that years later, SERV would have an orphanage in the northwest corner of Kenya that would house 40 children. Because of the famine and drought, SERV also started a large-scale feeding program that has now distributed over 7 million meals in Kenya. The purpose of this food is to reach the places we can and use it as a platform to share Christ with those who have not heard the Gospel. We recognize that we cannot save the world or everyone in Kenya; however, we can share a message and a meal with those we serve.”



I have found through personal experience that it is interesting for me to try and write about something that I have not yet experienced first-hand. For some it is easy and for some it is impossible. For me it is somewhere in the middle. So with that said. Here goes….

I was introduced to SERV International by means of an unexpected gift.  Sometimes people or unplanned circumstances show up in your life and change your thoughts, and your path.  Infrequent, but it can and does happen. Because of this unexpected gift I can now say that while I have never had a mission trip on my ‘bucket list,’ before, I do now.

Jim Vinyard is the Director of SERV International.  After spending an entire afternoon reading about SERV on the website ( ) it was easy to ascertain that Jim Vinyard is quite a remarkable and intriguing man, and that SERV is quite a remarkable mission.  The impact which SERV has on their recipients brings forth and amount of gratitude in the lives of people like nothing I have ever seen or read about.  Funny how something as little as a smile, or just showing back up regardless whether you bring something or not, can provide hope and happiness.  I will have to say that what I learned from my afternoon of reading certainly put in perspective my own personal worries in life.

The benefits of a nickel.  Just a mere .05 provides a complete meal for one person.  Yes, a nickel. Food.  Water.  Shelter.  Life.  The basics we all need to survive.  What do you do without these? Can you imagine walking 5 hours just to tell someone who brought you hope good-bye?  Not only walking it but waking up and starting out on your journey at 5:00 am. Can you imagine walking this with a physical handicap?  The thought certainly stirred deep emotion in me.  Would I have that spirit and faith and commitment? I don’t know if I would or not. Reading the blogs from Tom Sullivan and Shelby Thayer after their experience of participating on a trip with SERV International was touching to read also.  Different experiences, different ages, yet both with life changing outcomes.

Today I am very grateful and proud to be associated with three organizations that have been selected as supporting artists for SERV International.  A1A, Jeff Pike and The Rhythm Jets.

Please feel free to donate to SERV International under Jeff Pike, A1A or Rhythm Jets.  It really doesn’t make a difference as long as you donate. Remember, 5 cents provides one meal. Please check out and see if you can find it in your heart to donate.

The Rhythm Jets and Jeff Pike, among others are providing entertainment for The SERV second annual gala which will be held on December 8, 2014. Check out the website for more information. – There are still tickets available and we would love to see you there. Help us make a big difference.

Watch all of us in the upcoming year!
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