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Posted by on Jul 3, 2012 in Blog

I am extremely saddened to hear of the passing of Andy Griffith today. Mr. Griffith had and extremely long and fruitful career. I enjoyed everything that he ever gave us to no end. But like many, I will always remember him as Sheriff Andy Taylor.

It is no secret to those who know me that The Andy Griffith Show has always been my favorite TV Show for all of my life. Not only because of the amazing writing and comedy, in that respect the show was magic beyond belief, but because of the simpler and more wholesome way of life the show betrayed. A show of love, decency, morality and family.

I was a part of that kind of life through my Grandparents on both my Mother and my Fathers side. It has remained a part of me that could never ever be removed or altered, and I go there when I want to think of peace, innocence and extreme happy moments in my life. Like Mayberry….Just like Mayberry

When I became a Father, as odd as it may seem I looked to Andy Griffith and the many life lessons he taught his young son Opey to help me with my road map to cover that journey.

I knew Andy was getting up in years and would not be with us for long, so I was expecting this. But I didn’t think his death would hit me as hard as it has….Mayberry and the world has lost the best Sheriff we ever had. So before I get too sentimental and mushy I think I will go down to the diner and shed a few tears for Andy. I hope Juanita is working………

Thanks, Andy….Say hello to Barn for us….

Jeff Pike

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