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“TV Suicide…TV Suicide…What a lovely way to die. It’s another case of Telecide”

“Telecide” – The Tubes

When I was a child we had one electronic visual tube in our home. The Boob Tube. “The Boob Tube,” as it was affectionately called by my Mom and Dad, is of course, the television set. “The Boob Tube” has proven over time, in my opinion, to be quite an appropriate name for this little recreational appliance. It appears to me that it effectively and continuously proceeds to make larger “boobs” out of all of us. Time and time and time again. Myself occasionally included. Before I go any further, and not meaning to offend, I wish to clarify my chosen adjective for our friendly little electronic playmate. I use the term “boob” as a noun. It’s definition meaning a stupid person, fool, or a dunce. A little harsh, maybe. But I would assume that we can all find reference in our own life where television has made a dunce out of us. Probably more than once. But to be completely fair, not everything on television is bad. Far from it, actually.

Television is full of educational programs that when used properly and in moderation can be an extremely useful tool in ones growth. But on the other hand we have shows like American Idol, The Voice, Reality TV, etc,. etc., etc., that while entertaining to some (and yes, we all need our own individual form of entertainment), they do not go a long way in showing us reality, or stimulating our urge to educate ourselves and grow. In fact, in my opinion we are just regressing further and further thanks to good ole’ prime time. As it has been since the beginning of the television era, we are completely at the mercy of the media. Well, that is until YouTube came along.

YouTube has grown into one of the most powerful and widely used media machines in the world. I believe the main reason is that we as individuals are responsible for its programming. Not a board room of suits in Hollywood. We have the capability to upload, educate, watch and entertain ourselves like we wish to be served. That is huge. Thank you very much. While I have had a You Tube account for quite some time, I have just recently become educated on how useful a tool it can be for promotion and effectively getting my music and my message out to more people. Call me a late bloomer. What the heck. At any rate, I am intrigued and hope that you will join me on my visual journey. To where I am not so sure, but I am very curious to where it will take me and hope you will tag along for the ride. I will be posting new videos every Monday and Thursday and I encourage all of you who enjoy what I do to check them out, comment and share them with your friends if you so desire. Your small donation of a few minutes could possibly make a world of difference for my music. You just never know.

So, there it is. Thank you for letting me bend your ear, and thank you for giving me yours for so many years.

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